Campus Law Enforcement


The purpose of this Campus Law Enforcement Policy is to establish the University’s policies and procedures regarding (a) the law enforcement authority of Campus Safety personnel; (b) the working relationship between Campus Safety and law enforcement; and (c) the monitoring of criminal activity at off-campus student organizations.


I. Enforcement Authority and Working Relationship with Local Law Enforcement

Lynn University’s Campus Safety organization is committed to ensuring a safe environment in which to learn, live and work. At Lynn, the Chief of Campus Safety reports to the Dean of Students, and Campus Safety staff works cooperatively with Student Affairs staff in all matters involving student behavior, safety and emergency situations. Campus Safety also works closely with Employee Services in all matters involving employees.

Lynn provides its own in-house, non-sworn Campus Safety operation. A non-sworn force consists of Campus Safety officers who do not have arrest powers, unlike sworn police officers, who do. Campus Safety officers conduct patrols and investigations, provide safety escorts and transports, manage parking services and enforcement, respond to medical emergencies, oversee building and campus entrance access control, monitor Closed Circuit TV surveillance, and conduct safety and security programming events. Campus Safety officers patrol University grounds, bordering sidewalks contiguous to the University footprint, all gatehouse entrances, and all academic and residence hall buildings. Campus Safety staff is composed of officers with vast military, security, and law enforcement experience.

Campus Safety cooperates with the City of Boca Raton Police Department, Boca Raton Fire/Rescue, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and the federal and state police agencies. These agencies can and may arrest students who violate the law on or off campus. Local law enforcement is notified immediately and respond to: crimes against persons, violent crimes, major felonies, crimes involving a known or identified suspect, all private persons arrests on campus, and are called when police presence and/or assistance is deemed appropriate. All crime reports initiated by Campus Safety are forwarded to the applicable law enforcement agency for investigation and mandated reporting as required by Uniform Crime Reporting Standards. Campus Safety also assists local fire/paramedic personnel as well as other local and county, state and federal law enforcement agencies when they respond to campus. There is no written memorandum of understanding between Lynn University and the City of Boca Raton Police Department.

II. Monitoring of Off-Campus Student Organizations

There are no student organizations officially recognized by the University with non-campus locations. As such, the University does not work with local law enforcement agencies to monitor and assess criminal activity by students at off-campus locations of student organizations.


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Campus Safety.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018