Time records


The purpose of this Policy is to set forth University policy and procedures regarding the accurate and timely reporting of actual hours worked by non-exempt employees through the University’s timekeeping system each pay period.


The attendance of all employees is recorded daily by each department and is submitted to Employee Services bi-weekly. Attendance records are University records and care must be exercised in recording the hours worked, overtime hours, and absences. Employees are not to clock or sign in or out for other employees. Violations of this Policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.


Exempt Employee - employees who primarily perform work exempt from or not subject to the overtime provisions of the FLSA and for who overtime pay is not required by federal law.

Non-Exempt Employee - employees who primarily perform work subject to overtime provisions of the FLSA and for whom overtime pay is required by federal law.


All non-exempt employees must record the time they begin and end work, each day. Your supervisor will advise you how you are to record your time. Your time record should reflect the actual time you start work, end for lunch, begin after lunch, and stop work at the end of the day. We expect you to record on your time record all time that you work for the University. Each employee is responsible only for their own recordkeeping.

Once an employee clocks or signs in, work is to commence immediately. Failure to do so is considered falsification of timekeeping records.

If an employee forgets to clock or sign in or out, he or she must notify his or her supervisor immediately so the time may be accurately recorded for payroll.

Overtime for non-exempt employees is calculated on a weekly basis (see Overtime Policy). An employee’s supervisor must approve all overtime; employees with overtime entries that do not have prior approval will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Any changes or corrections to your time record must be approved by your supervisor. Under no circumstances may any employee tamper with or change another employee’s time record.

Tampering with, altering or falsifying time records, or recording time on another’s time record shall subject the individual to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Exempt employees are not required to sign in or out; however, business trips, vacation, sick and personal days must be recorded on the record.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Employee Services.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018