Renewal/non-reappointment of faculty


The purpose of this Policy is to provide procedures for the renewal or non-renewal of a full-time faculty member’s appointment contract.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs, on behalf of the President, issues or renews contracts annually as applicable to full-time faculty members whose relationship with the University are being renewed. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and President’s decision not to reappoint a faculty member may not be discriminatory or violative of academic freedom.


Non-Reappointment—a decision by the University not to renew the appointment of a full-time faculty member.


For a full-time faculty member appointed pursuant to a One-Year Term Contract, written notice that the appointment is not to be renewed will be given not later than May 1st to the faculty member by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If, however, the contract is to be renewed, the Vice President for Academic Affairs may issue a Two-Year Rolling Contract to the full-time faculty member in accordance with the procedures listed below. If a Two Year Rolling Contract, however, is not offered, the faculty member may be offered at the discretion of the University to continue on a One-Year Term Contract or be issued a notice of non-renewal.

For a full-time faculty member appointed pursuant to a Rolling Two-Year Faculty Contract, renewal will be extended unless written notice is given to the faculty member by the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the Spring Term annually, by January 31 in a given year, stating that the two-year term of employment has not been extended. In the event that the contract appointment is not extended, all compensation and benefits and requirements of the contract will remain in effect until the expiration of the then current term of the contract.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will typically notify faculty members of the terms and conditions of their renewals on or before August 1st. Contracts must be signed and returned to the Office of Employee Services within thirty days after the faculty member receives notification of his/her appointment for the coming year. Contracts not returned by the specified deadline will not be considered binding on the University.

Please note that the notification dates above do not apply to administrative, part-time faculty or special appointment faculty appointment contracts.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Academic Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018