The purpose of this policy is to set forth University housing eligibility and requirements.


As a residential institution, Lynn University expects students who have completed less than 60 credit hours to live and board within the University residential system. Students meeting any one of the following conditions may be permitted to live off campus:

  1. Students 21 years of age or older;
  2. Students who are married and/or have children;
  3. Students who have completed four (4) semesters of college as a full-time student; and
  4. Students residing with their parents or legal guardian within commuting distance of Lynn University. In this circumstance, eligible students will be required to provide a notarized letter from the student’s parents or legal guardian stating that the Florida address is the parents’ or legal guardian’s permanent residence. In addition, a copy of one parent’s valid Florida driver’s license (which shows proof of Florida residency) is required.

All students must receive prior WRITTEN APPROVAL from the Office of Housing and Residence Life before moving off campus. Written approval to move off campus, however, does not negate the student’s obligation to meet the financial responsibilities of his or her housing contract.

Only full-time students are permitted to reside in the University residence halls. A full-time student is defined as a student who is enrolled in nine or more credit hours in a given semester. Students who drop courses during the semester to the extent that they are enrolled in eight credit hours or less, or graduate students carrying less than six credit hours, will lose their residency status and must vacate their residence hall room, or receive written approval from the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Similarly, students dismissed, suspended, or receiving the sanction of Removal from University Housing as a result of an academic, Code of Conduct, or University policy violation lose their claim to their residence hall room.

Residential contracts are enforced for one academic year even if a student meets eligibility to live off-campus. Room assignments may be changed, canceled, or terminated by the University in the interests of order, health, safety, community welfare, and/or maximum utilization of facilities.

Disregard for the rights, responsibilities and duties of others, as well as creation of circumstances that could jeopardize life, limb or property, are not acceptable in University housing and may be cause for disciplinary action and/or termination of the housing contract.


Not Applicable.


Not Applicable.

For more information about this Policy, please contact Housing and Residence Life.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018