Use of the University Name, Seal, Logos, and Trade and Service Marks


The purpose of the Use of the University Name, Seal, Logos, and Trade and Service Marks Policy is to protect and control the use of the University’s name, seal, logos, and trade and service marks to protect the integrity of the University’s identity.


Members of the Lynn University community, either individually or collectively, shall not officially use the name, seal, logo or trademarks of Lynn University in any commercial activity outside of the regular work of the University, to indicate support or endorsement of anything that is not official University business, or in any manner that could adversely affect the University’s image or standing or would for any other reason be inappropriate for a private university. Potential confusion should be dispelled by adding a disclaimer stating that the University is not involved in the subject of the statement or conferring with the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Violation of this rule is regarded as sufficient cause for dismissal or expulsion. Lynn University’s name, seal, logo, trade and service marks are the exclusive property of Lynn University and, consequently, may not be used in connection with goods or services offered by any outside organization without the prior permission of the Chief Marketing Officer. See


Not applicable.



For more information about this policy, contact Marketing and Communication.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018