Faculty development


The purpose of this Policy is to define the faculty development opportunities made available to full-time faculty members by Lynn University.


Lynn University recognizes that faculty development is an important component of the overall academic environment. The University desires that its faculty members continue to improve and develop, thus contributing to enriched and improved educational programs.

The University will provide full-time faculty members the opportunity to continue their professional development throughout their careers. There could be several different means of accomplishing this goal such as participation in professional meetings, additional graduate work in the discipline, leaves of absence for study and other scholarly activity. It is important that individual faculty members take the initiative in developing and promoting their own growth as teachers, scholars, and especially in professional and occupational fields, as practitioners and consultants.

The institution is committed to encouraging professional growth, and it supports individual full-time faculty members by providing financial assistance for educational travel and professional meetings, free time for attending these meetings, and when deemed appropriate financial assistance for advanced study costs. In addition, faculty are urged to become active in various civic and cultural organizations, and they may be called upon to represent the University at certain functions. An ongoing concern of the faculty is how best to incorporate educational innovations and techniques for maximum teaching effectiveness. Similarly, current educational issues are frequently the topic of faculty discussion. The University makes no rigid demands for research and/or publication; instead it allows a faculty member the freedom for individual growth and development. It expects, however, that the professional growth of faculty will be reflected in classroom performance and professional activity at the University.


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I. Faculty Travel Policy Guidelines

The University’s commitment to professional growth of its faculty is reflected in the following policy guidelines:
The University encourages full-time faculty to attend meetings of professional organizations and learned societies, conferences, and symposia. Faculty are encouraged to present papers. For reimbursement of expenses, prior approval must be obtained from the appropriate Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The University will reimburse travel expenses to approved meetings in accordance with the University’s Travel Expenses Policy.

Budgetary considerations may restrict the number of approved travel requests in an academic year. Faculty members should determine their needs and submit formal written requests to their Dean as early as possible in the academic year.

II. Organizational Memberships

Based on availability of funding and prior approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University will reimburse full-time faculty for one membership per year in a professional organization related to the faculty member's field of teaching.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Academic Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018