Photography, Digital Recording, and Videography


The purpose of this Photography, Digital Recording, and Videography Policy (“Policy”) is to outline how to access and obtain authorization to utilize the University’s collection of branding photography and videography, delineate how University employees may request a professional “headshot,” and clarify under what circumstances digital recording, and videoing/filming on the University’s campus is permitted.


The Office of Marketing and Communication maintains a large collection of photography and videography that tells the University’s brand story. These photos are used for marketing purposes. Assets are stored in the database for a minimum of 2 years and are then sent to the archives department.

I. Requesting a Lynn Photo or Video

The Office of Marketing & Communication maintains a digital asset management system that grants employees access to the Office of Marketing & Communication approved University photography. These photographs are for use only in professional University marketing capacities and must not be altered in any way without Marketing’s prior approval. Marketing maintains the right to revoke database access for any user who violates University policy or brand guidelines found at

Members of the media and external parties, including partners and vendors, must request permission from the Director of Marketing and Communication or Public Relations Manager for use of Lynn videography and photography.

Student organizations must contact the Office of Marketing and Communication for special permissions.

II. Requesting a Headshot

Every full-time employee is permitted to have one headshot taken by the Office of Marketing and Communication at hire and one every three years thereafter. Retakes are offered only once, between 9–10 a.m. on Fridays (unless otherwise arranged), and require employee approval at the time of the photo session. The final image is maintained in the Office of Marketing and Communication’s web data asset management system. All headshots are used to populate employee profiles on the website and other university channels, as appropriate, including marketing materials.

Unique headshot photography is permitted and taken by the Office of Marketing and Communication on an as-needed basis to be determined by the department. Contact:

III. Requesting Project or Event Photography and Videography

The Office of Marketing and Communication provides videography and photography support for University-wide events and special occasions. The Office of Marketing and Communication maintains the right to prioritize projects that meet the University’s marketing and strategic objectives and to decline projects that do not fit the University’s overall marketing and communication goals; it also retains the right to creative control on all productions.

University departments, groups and individuals requesting videography or photography must complete a creative brief to the Office of Marketing and Communication. The Office of Marketing and Communication is not responsible for videography that is of an instructional or training nature; these requests are managed by the Department of Instructional Design. Marketing retains the right to outsource all photography that does not meet strategic marketing objectives, including non-artistic or event documentation photography. Marketing restricts the use of stock imagery. See guidelines at for more information.

IV. Permission to Photograph, Digitally Record, or Video on University Property

Lynn University is located on private property; thus, any professional photographers or videographers who are not members or agents of the University or members of the University community, including media members, may obtain photos/video on University property only with permission of the subject(s) of their photography and the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Amateur photography by members of the University community and guests/visitors at University events are generally allowed provided the photographer has permission of the photo subjects or is photographing general crowd shots of an event considered open to the public (i.e., athletic events). If any photography is deemed disruptive, intrusive, or out of compliance with Lynn University policies, University faculty or staff are empowered to restrict and/or forbid photography anywhere on campus. Prior to confronting the individual, however, an effort should be made to contact Campus Safety.


Digital Recording, Video—the capturing of moving images of University property by any means on any media now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film, videotape, digital memory, or any electronic transmission to another medium or to the Internet.

Photography—the capturing of still images onto any compatible medium, or posting to the Internet, by any means or devices now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film cameras, digital cameras, electronic devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.


Not applicable.

For more information about this policy, contact Marketing and Communication.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018