Faculty contract


The purpose of this Policy is to identify and define the types of appointment contracts issued to individuals granted faculty status at Lynn University.


The University will provide contracts, letters of appointment, or similar documents (“contracts”) to full-time and special status faculty members clearly describing the terms and conditions of employment. Thus, every appointment of a full-time or special status faculty member shall be evidenced by a contract signed by the faculty member and by the Vice President for Academic Affairs on behalf of the President. The contract specifies rank, salary, length of agreement and other conditions of employment. A copy of the contract shall be presented to each prospective faculty member prior to acceptance of appointment. Acceptance of the contract shall be considered evidence of the appointee’s willingness to be bound by all terms of the contract and shall not be considered intent by the University to employ the appointee beyond the period of appointment.

Part-time faculty are “at-will” employees of the University and are not issued appointment contracts. Termination or a decision by the University to not re-hire a part-time faculty member is not grievable.


Not Applicable.


I. Types of Contractual Appointments

A. Full-time Faculty Contract Appointments

1. Term Contract Appointments: Term contract appointments are issued by Lynn University to members of the full-time faculty at the time of their initial appointment to the University. Initial term contracts are issued for a clearly defined, limited period of time and may be continued or terminated after the expiration of the term. Full-time faculty members on initial term contracts will be notified whether they will be issued a Two-Year Rolling Contract in accordance with the University’s Renewal/Non-Reappointment of Full-time Faculty Policy. If the faculty member is eligible and receives a two-year appointment, he or she will be assigned to the Two-Year Rolling Contract classification, effective the beginning date of the new appointment and the conditions governing the administration of two-year appointments will then apply. If, however, a Two-Year Rolling Faculty Contract (as defined herein) is not offered, the University at its discretion may elect to offer the faculty member a one-year term contract or issue a notice of non-renewal.

2. Two-Year Rolling Contract Appointments: Two-Year Rolling Contract appointments are issued by Lynn University to members of the full- time faculty who have successfully served an initial one-year term contract appointment with the University. The decision to issue a Two-Year Rolling Contract is at the discretion of the University.

Full-time faculty members appointed pursuant to a Two-Year Rolling Contract have a two-year term of employment, which is eligible to be renewed annually. Renewal is at the discretion of the University and will be extended unless written notice is given to the faculty member by the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the Spring Term annually, by January 31 in a given year, stating that the two-year term of employment has been extended. In the event that the contract appointment is not renewed, all compensation and benefits and requirements of the contract will remain in effect until the expiration of the then current term of the contract.

B. Special Status Faculty Contract Appointments

Applicable special status faculty members (i.e., Artist/Writer/Scholar-in-Residence, Practitioner/Professional/Clinical, and Visiting faculty members) are issued appointment contracts for a designated period of time. Such appointments automatically terminate upon the expiration of the appointment term specified in the contract. No notice or action by the University is required to effectuate such termination. Re-employment after expiration of the appointment period is at the sole discretion of Lynn University.

II. Variance of Terms

Only the President has the authority granted by the Board of Trustees to enter into any agreement for employment for any specific period or to make any promises or commitments contrary to the foregoing. No agreement shall be enforceable unless in writing and signed by the President or a designee.

III. Joint Appointments

In a joint appointment, the faculty member has responsibilities to more than one academic unit or college. In making joint appointments, a primary academic unit home where a faculty member’s appointment is held must first be established. The home academic unit will have primary responsibility over matters affecting advancement in rank. The home academic unit’s policies and procedures shall prevail related to matters not covered in this policy.

The units or colleges contributing to a joint faculty member’s position must decide in writing workload responsibilities, as well as budget allocations for each unit. Specific duties of the faculty member in all units will be determined in writing by the administrators involved with the joint appointment. The duties should reflect the faculty member’s area of expertise and may include advising, teaching, committee work, research, and/or administrative duties as applicable.

Faculty members with joint appointments should hold the same rank for each of the units with which the person is affiliated. If this is not feasible, the subsequent unit rank should not be higher than the rank held in the home academic unit.

A joint reappointment may be made at the conclusion of the initial joint appointment. If a primary appointment ends, the joint appointment also ends.

The administrators involved with the joint appointment will recommend joint appointments to the appropriate Deans. The Deans will then make a joint written recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, upon approval of the President, will officially approve all joint appointments.

IV. Location of Appointment

Appointments at the University are granted in a particular academic unit as stated in the faculty member’s contract. Joint appointments to different academic units may be granted to a faculty member. In such a case, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, upon approval of the President and in consultation with the applicable College Dean, will select one academic unit as the faculty member’s primary academic unit.

V. Acceptance of Contract

The contract shall be signed by the faculty member and returned to the Office of Employee Services within thirty (30) days of receipt. Failure to do so shall be deemed a resignation unless the President has granted an extension of time in writing to the faculty member.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Academic Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018