Student involvement, clubs, and organizations

The University believes that while the classroom experience is the most important part of the student’s educational experience, a great deal of learning occurs outside of the classroom. Being involved in campus life as a leader, planner, organizer, musician, athlete, entertainer or committee member is essential to the student’s complete education. Involvement in activities will provide opportunities to develop skills that will help students in their careers and community and civic leadership positions after graduation.

The Center for Student Involvement plays an important role in supervising student activities, groups and organizations. Students must receive approval for any group activity before the event, and when deemed necessary, the appropriate staff will be available for assistance. Advisors of student organizations need to be well informed and approve all group activities. For more information regarding any group on campus, contact the Center for Student Involvement located on the second floor of the Lynn Student Center. Students involved in campus media (LYNN Radio, and i-Pulse newspaper) do not necessarily express the views of the University staff or administration.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018