Appearances Before External Agencies


The purpose of this Appearances Before External Agencies Policy (“Policy”) is to establish policy guidelines and procedures governing official Lynn University interactions with state and federal legislators, and governmental agencies by members of the University community.


Subject to specific control by the Board of Trustees, all official dealings on behalf of Lynn University (including the University’s schools, departments, offices, centers, programs, etc.) with federal, state, and local government offices, boards, and agencies shall be under the direction of the President or an authorized designee. Individuals seeking to officially interact on behalf of the University with such offices, boards, agencies or legislators must be authorized to do so by the President or an authorized designee. Unauthorized appearances on behalf of Lynn University before federal, state, and local government offices, boards, and agencies are prohibited and subject to appropriate discipline.


Not applicable.

Procedure /Guidelines

I. Personal Contacts

Contacts with government representatives of a personal nature, whether in writing or in person, must be made in the name of the individual making the contact and may in no way imply that the contact is being made on behalf of the University.

II. Invitations to Government Officials

The Office of the President is to be informed in advance of invitations to government officials and/or their staff to visit any campus or facility of the University in their official capacity to ensure coordination with key University offices.

III. Official Requests from Government Officials

When requests for information, expertise, resources, or visits are received from governmental representatives for the purposes of gathering information and/or making assessments of University activities, University offices must notify the Office of the President for assistance with the request, including coordination with relevant University offices, as appropriate.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Finance.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018