Absence due to illness


The purpose of this Policy is to define the University’s policy and guidelines for administering sick leave to eligible employees.


To keep the University and each department running smoothly and efficiently, it is important that every employee be on the job, on time, regularly. For this reason, careful attention is given to promptness, absence record, and overall dependability.

Lynn University recognizes, however, that an employee may occasionally be disabled by injury or illness. As a result, the Absence Due to Illness Policy is designed to provide protection to employees against loss of income during unavoidable illness or injury.

All full-time employees are eligible for sick days at the rate of one day per month to a maximum of twelve (12) days in a calendar year. Unused sick days can be carried over from one (1) calendar year to the next until the maximum carryover allowance of forty-five (45) days is reached. Employees, however, are not paid for accrued, unused sick days either at the end of the calendar year or upon termination of employment.


Not Applicable.


To be eligible for sick pay, employees unable to report to work due to illness must notify their supervisor directly, utilizing the supervisor’s preferred notification method (which may include phone, email, text, etc.) each day of their absence, as far in advance as possible, but no later than one hour before their scheduled arrival time. If their supervisor is not available, the supervisor’s designee should be contacted. The supervisor or designee must be contacted each day of absence. An employee who fails to contact his/her immediate supervisor or designee may be considered as having voluntarily resigned.

If Lynn University has questions about the nature or length of an employee’s absence due to illness, a written certification from a physician or licensed health care professional may be required.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Employee Services.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018