Position description


The purpose of this Policy is to establish a standardized process for documenting the roles and responsibilities of positions within the University.


Each position at Lynn University, filled or vacant, has a written description. The description does not include all of the duties a department may require of an employee but only a basic function statement, a listing of some key responsibilities, the minimum education and experience required, and the supervisory relationships. It is important to ensure position descriptions are current and accurate. Each employee or applicant is entitled to a copy of the applicable position description and may request one from the Employee Services.

Writing and updating position descriptions is the responsibility of the Department Head. Position descriptions should be reviewed at the time of performance evaluations and at the time of a new hire to assure they are current.

Since the official position description does not rigidly define all the duties that may be involved, supervisors may need to assign new tasks or projects as needs of the department change. Employees should be sure they understand all duties expected of them and should not hesitate to ask their supervisor for clarification in this regard.


Position Description - a description that documents the responsibilities, skills, competencies, essential functions, and duties associated with an employee’s position and defines the qualifications and requirements to perform those duties.


I. Request for Position Review

Employees who feel that their position duties and requirements have changed sufficiently to warrant a new evaluation should speak to their supervisor. If the supervisor agrees that the position description should be changed, the appropriate vice president shall review the request. Upon vice presidential approval, the Director of Employee Services will make any necessary adjustments.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Employee Services

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018