The purpose of this Gambling Policy is to define the University’s position related to gambling events and bookmaking activities on campus.


Playing or engaging in any non-University sponsored, illegal gambling or bookmaking activity, including but not limited to gambling on University-athletic events, while on University property is not acceptable behavior or permitted.

In addition to the restrictions listed above, Athletics Department staff and student-athletes must adhere to NCAA regulations, and are therefore prohibited from participating in any sports gambling activities, whether on- or off-campus, concerning any intercollegiate or professional athletics team or competition on any sport in which the NCAA sponsors a championship in any division. Moreover, University employees may not gamble while on duty regardless of location. These prohibitions apply without regard to whether the activities are legal under federal or state laws.

Violators shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. In addition, violations of the law or of this policy may be grounds for criminal prosecution.


Gambling—playing a game of chance, with an uncertain outcome, for money or some other valuable item.

Bookmaking Activities—accepting the bets of others on the outcome of sports or other contests.

Procedures / Guidelines

The Vice President for Student Affairs and the Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs must approve all raffles and sales for charitable purposes.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Dean of Students.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018