Staff promotion and transfer


The purpose of this Policy is to establish the University’s policy and procedures for staff promotions and transfers.


Lynn University encourages employees to assume higher-level positions or lateral transfers for which they qualify. Advancement within Lynn University is primarily based upon the following factors:

• Experience;

• Skills;

• Performance;

• Current business needs.

Generally, the prerequisites below must be met by an employee to be considered for transfer and promotion:

1. Employed as full or part-time;

2. Completed a minimum of six months of successful service in their current position before becoming eligible to transfer or be promoted to another position at Lynn University;

3. Current performance meets job expectations;

4. Meets all of the job qualifications for the position;

5. Has a good attendance and punctuality record;

6. Has not received formal performance or conduct counseling with a corrective action within the last six months of employment.


Promotion - movement to a position in another classification at a greater level of responsibility and will normally be accompanied by an increase in compensation.

Transfer - movement to a different position in the same, or in some cases, a lower basic job classification and pay range level. A transfer is accompanied by an equal or lower rate of pay.


Each employee requesting a transfer or promotion will be considered for the new position along with all other applicants. Each transfer is judged on an individual basis, depending on the needs of both departments involved. All final decisions regarding transfers will be made by Management, in conjunction with Employee Services.

Employees who wish to apply for a transfer should discuss it first with their supervisor and Employee Services so that it may be determined if their skills fit the requirements of the desired job. Employees should also feel free to discuss their career aspirations with their supervisor and/or Employee Services at any time.

If an employee fits the basic criteria for the position, Employee Services will make arrangements to set up an exploratory interview with the other department.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Employee Services

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018