Volume III: Faculty Personnel Policies

This section contains general policies and procedures relating to the faculty and explains policies and procedures relating to faculty status. Effort has been made in this section to avoid duplication of information, which appears in other documents or policy volumes. Faculty members should become familiar with the contents of those documents which have significance for their professional performance. Where the terms and provisions of an individual contract of a faculty member are inconsistent with the general policies contained herein, the provisions of the individual contract shall control. Should there be any perceived misapplication, misinterpretation or violation of specific provisions in this section, the faculty member involved shall report the circumstance to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The administrative or staff responsibilities of faculty members with administrative or staff duties are specified in the individual contracts of such faculty members.

While authority to change policy ultimately resides with the Board of Trustees, recommendations for change are invited from all committees or faculty members involved. Committees or faculty members seeking to amend a portion of this Volume IV should work through the appropriate committee or College Dean in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall keep the President apprised of the initial consideration and ongoing development of suggested policy.

This section of the University policies has been written and designed to answer most of the questions that might be asked about faculty personnel policies at the University. It supersedes all previous faculty personnel policies and procedures published in prior volumes of the University policies and faculty handbooks.

Major policies guiding the University are determined by the Board of Trustees and are carried out by administrative personnel. Questions regarding any of the University’s faculty status and academic policies, procedures and information contained in this section are to be directed to one’s immediate supervisor, the applicable College Dean, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The University has made a demonstrable effort to be factually accurate in this Volume IV and assumes no responsibility for editorial, typographical, printing, or other errors or omissions.

The University has attempted to present information accurately summarizing the policies, procedures, regulations, requirements, and programs of the University. The University reserves the right to alter or change any statement, policy, procedure, regulation, or program contained herein without prior notice.

Academic dishonesty and plagiarism by faculty
Academic freedom
Advancement in rank
Curriculum development
Educational assistance
Faculty contract
Faculty corrective discipline and dimissal for cause
Faculty development
Faculty evaluation
Faculty grievance
Faculty outside employment
Faculty rank
Faculty recruitment and appointment
Faculty resignation
Faculty responsiblities
Faculty retirement
Faculty status
Faculty workload
Online learning
Political activities (faculty)
Renewal/non-reappointment of faculty
Sabbatical leave