Bylaws of the Lynn University Athletic Council

Article I - Purpose

The Lynn University Athletics Council reviews and proffers advice regarding the policies and procedures of the athletic program, while endeavoring to maintain a high level of excellence in the ethical and academic standards of the University’s athletic program.

Article II - Functions

  1. Ensuring full observance of all policies, rules, and regulations with respect to athletics as established by the University, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Sunshine State Conference, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools;
  2. Formulating and reviewing policies that pertain to the conduct of the intercollegiate athletic program;
  3. Providing accurate and timely information to the University administration and faculty regarding athletics and student-athletes;
  4. Reviewing strategic issues relating to the long-term conduct of the athletic program in such areas as the mix of sports, conference options and division classification;
  5. Establishing policies for evaluating the academic progress of student-athletes, (as well as determining academic eligibility of student-athletes);
  6. Reviewing pending NCAA or conference legislation and determining the potential impact on the University, as well as proposing legislation and policy changes to the NCAA and Sunshine State Conference;
  7. Reviewing annual athletics department external reports to include:
    1. Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA);
    2. Graduation and Academic Success Rates;
    3. Degree Completion Scholarship Awards; and
    4. Student-Athlete Exit Surveys;
  8. Participating in oversight activities relating to the overall assessment and planning of the athletics program to include:
    1. Institutional Self Study (ISSG);
    2. Compliance Blueprint Review;
    3. Financial Audit; and
    4. Strategic Planning.
  9. Providing task force members for the Compliance Committee which will be called on as needed to assist in providing information and reports to the Athletic Council as a whole.

Article III - Membership

Members of the Athletic Council are appointed by the University President. Membership is as follows:

  1. The Faculty Athletic Representative who will serve as Chairperson of the Council;
  2. Two faculty members with two year terms, eligible for renewal;
  3. Two members of the administration with two-year terms, eligible for renewal;
  4. A representative from the Blue & White Club Leadership Council and/or student-athlete alumnus with a two-year term, eligible for renewal;
  5. Two students to include the President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, both with one year terms, eligible for renewal.
  6. All of the above are voting members of the Council.

Ex-officio members of the Council include:

  1. President;
  2. Senior Vice President for Administration;
  3. Vice President of Academic Affairs;
  4. Director of Athletics;
  5. University Registrar or designee – Athletic Certification Coordinator;
  6. Director of Financial Aid designee;
  7. NCAA Compliance Officer;
  8. Director of Athletic Compliance;
  9. Senior Woman Administrator/and if applicable, Director of Student-Athlete Services; and
  10. Director of Undergraduate Admission or designee.

Compliance Committee Members include:

  • Director of Athletic Compliance
  • SWA/Director of Student-Athlete Services
  • Faculty Athletic Representative
  • Director of Undergraduate Admission or designee
  • Director of Financial Aid or designee
  • University Registrar or designee - Athletic Certification Coordinator
  • Assistant Director of International Services and Programs
  • Assistant Director of Residence Life

Article IV - Meetings of the Athletic Council

The Athletic Council will meet at least twice per semester.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018