On-campus posting and marketing


The purpose of this policy is to outline guidelines university offices, students, and registered student organizations must adhere to when posting materials on the Lynn University campus.


All forms of advertisement require approval prior to posting on campus. University offices, students, and recognized student organizations desire to post material son campus must comply with the guidelines set forth below and receive appropriate approval prior to posting. Any group or organization not affiliated with the University must receive pre-approval by the Center for Student Involvement prior to posting.


Banners may be hung on tack strips in the Student Center, Assaf, de Hoernle International Center, and the residence halls. Banner paper and paints are available for student clubs and organizations through the Center for Student Involvement. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the removal of the banner upon the completion of the program. Staples are not-permitted when hanging banners. Sheets are permitted to be hung off the sides of buildings and out of residence hall windows for a maximum of three days.

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for the purchase of the sheet.

  1. The content of all banners must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement prior to being posted.
  2. Contact the Center for Student Involvement for supplies at ext. 7FUN.
  3. Information must include event name, date and time, location and sponsoring organization or department.
  4. All banners must be hung with wall safe tape.

Flyers and Posted Materials

Any materials placed on University properties that advertise any meeting, event, social function, announcement, group recognition, etc., shall be considered posted materials. All posting must be done in good taste and should reflect good judgement on the part of the organization. Any posting using sexual or vulgar language or pictures or is otherwise in poor taste will be removed immediately and may be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. All posted materials must be approved by submitting up to 10 copies to the Center for Student Involvement, which will be stamped and distributed appropriately on campus by CSI student workers; and submit up to 30 copies to Housing & Residence Life, which will be stamped and distributed by the Resident Assistants within the Residence Halls. Under no circumstances may flyers be posted on any walls, doors, or windows.

Use of Images or Likeness

Photographs of the campus, events, students and teaching environments may be used to depict the University in brochures, advertising, the University Website, and other graphic representations. By remaining currently enrolled at Lynn University, the student acknowledges and agrees that Lynn University, without compensation, may use the student’s image, likeness, and other representation, either audio or visual, in any photograph, video, sound recording, or digital file taken, recorded, or obtained while attending or participating in any Lynn University sponsored activity/event or adjunct activity/event.

See the University’s Photography and Videography Policy.


Sponsoring Organization - a student club or organization which has been officially recognized by the University sponsoring a University-sanctioned event.

Posted Materials - Any materials placed on University property that advertise any type of meeting, event, social function, announcement, group recognition, etc., shall be considered posted materials.


See policy statements above.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Student Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018