Student overnight travel


The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines and procedures pertaining to travel by student clubs and organizations.


Lynn University seeks to promote safe travel to events and activities occurring beyond the boundaries of University property by currently enrolled students and recognized student organizations that are representing the University. As such, this policy applies to individual student and recognized student organization travel both in cases where the travel is sponsored by the University’s Center for Student Involvement and in cases where an individual student or recognized student organization travels on behalf of, or with the financial support of Lynn University. This policy does not apply to travel undertaken by individual students attending out of town athletic/recreational events as a non-participant (except when traveling on behalf or with the financial support of a recognized student organization as described above), engaging in study abroad travel, student teaching, internships, observations or research, or participating in intercollegiate athletics competitions under the auspices of the Department of Athletics.


Currently Enrolled Student: A student who is currently registered at the University, whether on a full- or part-time basis.

Recognized Student Organization: An organization that has been formed for educational, professional, social, recreational, or other lawful purposes, derives the majority of its membership and all of its leadership from the student body of Lynn University, has been approved for recognition and maintain a current registration status with the Center for Student Involvement.

University Sponsored Event or Activity: An event or activity that is initiated, actively managed, planned and arranged by a member of the Lynn University faculty or staff, or by members of a recognized student organization that has been granted sponsorship by the University, and is approved by the Center for Student Involvement and/or an event or activity that the University actively manages, is involved with, or oversees financially, physically, or administratively.


Travel Requirements

All student and recognized student organization related travel falling within this Policy must meet the following requirements:

  1. Recognized student organization travel must be consistent with the University and organization’s mission statement.
  2. Travel must not create an undue interference with academic responsibilities.
  3. An individual student must register the proposed trip with the Center for Student Involvement no later than five (5) business days before the scheduled trip. Exceptions to this registration time requirement will be made on a case-by-case basis at the determination of the Dean of Students and the General Counsel. In the case of departmental organizations and clubs, there must be concurrence by the departmental head and the Dean of Students or a designee. A list of students participating in the above activities must be submitted to the Dean of Students or a designee, no later than five (5) business days prior to departure. Any trip taken without formal approval as outlined above may result in individual and/or organizational discipline.
  4. All students traveling must complete and submit an executed Waiver of Liability Form to the Center for Student Involvement no later than five (5) business days before the scheduled trip. The Waiver of Liability Form, as approved by the Office of General Counsel, is available in the Center for Student Involvement.
  5. Faculty, administrative, or staff employees are encouraged to accompany students during off-campus trips covered under this policy, but are not required to do so unless a Lynn University vehicle or rental car is utilized or the trip is funded by the University.
  6. Participants in activities involving student travel are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences. The University shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant’s failure to comply with University rules and regulations, the direction of University employees, or applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, all trip participants are required to:
    1. Comply with the Student Code of Conduct and with applicable University policies, procedures, rules and regulations, understanding that such compliance is important to the success of the trip and to the University’s willingness to permit future similar activities; and
    2. Conform their conduct to the standards surrounding the trip and assume responsibility for their own actions, understanding the circumstances of an off-campus activity may require a standard of decorum which may differ from that applicable on campus;
    3. Violations of the foregoing requirements may subject participants and sponsoring organizations to disciplinary action pursuant to the University’s Conduct Review Policies and Procedures.

Any trip taken without formal approval by the Center for Student Involvement or other violations of this policy may result in individual and/or organizational discipline.

The following additional guidelines also apply to all travel:

  1. Pre-trip Meeting: The faculty member, administrator, and/or recognized student organization in charge of the trip, whether sponsored or not sponsored, should hold a pre-trip planning meeting with all participants to discuss the planned itinerary, behavioral expectations, and transportation details
  2. Transportation: The sponsoring department or student organization should be prepared to arrange for transportation by official University vehicle(s), rental vehicle(s), chartered service, regularly scheduled transportation service, or, if necessary, personal vehicles. The following rules apply to the use of vehicles.
    1. University Vehicles - Only University employees can drive. If a University vehicle is utilized, a faculty or staff employee must chaperone the trip.
    2. Rental Vehicles - If rented with University funds, only University employees can drive; all terms of the rental contract must be complied with.
    3. Contract Bus Service - Adequate insurance coverage for the bus company, as required by the University’s Office of General Counsel, must provide personal injury and property damage.
    4. Regularly Scheduled Carriers - Regular scheduled transportation service providers (e.g., Greyhound) may be utilized for transportation.
    5. Personal Vehicles - Personal Vehicles should only be used on a voluntary basis. The owners/drivers must provide their own insurance coverage. All student participants choosing to ride in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. Student participants will be required to sign the Alternative Transportation Waiver if they are driving or riding in a personal vehicle. The University shall not insure or accept liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of a private vehicle. The University does not provide comprehensive or collision (physical damage) insurance for private vehicles driven on University business, and the owner is responsible for primary liability insurance. The University does carry non-owner excess liability coverage to protect the University and employee in the event of a suit resulting from an automobile accident in which an employee was driving on University business

Non-Student Participation: Except with the express written permission of the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee, friends and family of students are not eligible to participate in travel opportunities falling under this policy.

To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Student Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018