Student organizations minimum standards and leadership criteria


The purpose of this policy is to outline the minimum standards student organizations must meet to maintain University recognition, as well delineate the criteria that leaders of recognized student organizations must meet to serve in a leadership role.


Official University recognition is required for all student organizations to receive and maintain privileges on campus. To receive and maintain formal University recognition, the minimum standards and leadership criteria set forth in the Procedures/Guidelines section below must be met. When students are functioning in the capacity of members of a recognized student organization, they are accountable for their conduct individually and collectively and must adhere to the Code of Conduct, as well as all University policies and federal, state, and local laws.


Recognized Student Organization - a student club or organization which has been acknowledged through the process set forth in this Policy.


I. Minimum Standards

Registered Student Organization:

  1. Register with the Center for Student Involvement each semester (deadlines will be determined by the Center for Student Involvement);
  2. Maintain a minimum of ten (10) members;
  3. Operate in compliance with University policies and procedures; all federal, state and local laws; and the regulations of the parent organization where applicable;
  4. Keep an updated constitution and by-laws;
  5. Have a faculty/staff advisor;
  6. Accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization;
  7. Participate in Student Involvement Fair held each semester;
  8. Remain in good standing with The Knights of the Roundtable (outlined in the KOR Constitution);
  9. Hold regular meetings;
  10. Have full executive board, as outlined in the constitution;
  11. Host a minimum of one on campus event each semester. These events must be registered an approved through the Center for Student Involvement.

II. Leadership Criteria

The following is a list of criteria for student clubs or organizations:

  1. Students may be nominated for or hold only one office within a club or organization and must meet the requirements as stated by the position description or constitutional requirements.
  2. Officers must meet and maintain a minimum grade point average requirement of a cumulative grade point of 2.7. Organizations may require higher grade point averages for officers and membership.
  3. Students may hold office in student organizations only if they are in good disciplinary standing at the University, defined as: Not being actively on Disciplinary Probation, Suspension, or Expulsion.

For more information about this Policy, please contact Student Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018