Faculty workload


The purpose of this Policy is to define the activities that constitute full and part-time faculty workloads at Lynn University.


I. Full-time Faculty Workload

A full-time faculty workload includes the assigned teaching load and other assigned responsibilities (advising, service to the University and/or community, scholarly activity, and ongoing professional development) which contribute to respective College and University goals, the mission of the University and overall institutional effectiveness. Deans, in collaboration with faculty members, should make efforts for a reasonable assignment of faculty workload responsibilities.

A. Teaching Load

The teaching load for full-time faculty shall be indicated in the applicable faculty contract. In courses that have more contact hours than credit hours (for example, lab courses, practica, and internships), faculty compensation shall be .75 load hours for each contact hour. The normal teaching load may be reduced if additional duties and responsibilities are assigned by the Vice President for Academic Affairs upon consultation with the President. The calculation of instructional loads takes into account such factors as the number of preparations, the number of students, the nature of the subject, and the availability of help.

B. Teaching Overload

Full-time faculty may be offered an overload course or section as deemed appropriate by the Dean of the College. Compensation for an overload course or section will be paid at the appropriate stipend. No full-time faculty member may teach more than two overload courses at one time without prior approval from the Office of Academic Affairs. Teaching LYNN 101 is excluded from this policy.

C. Office Hours

Each faculty member is required to keep regular office hours, a minimum of eight hours distributed over at least four days per week and may include virtual office hours will approval of the applicable Dean. These scheduled hours must be posted for student information purposes and copies submitted to the office of the appropriate Dean.

D. Advising Students

The faculty member is also responsible for advising and/or mentoring assigned students.

E. Summer Teaching

Positions will be offered to faculty as the need arises per summer course. Such teaching will be for the appropriate per-course stipend unless the faculty member’s yearly contract states otherwise. Summer appointments are voluntary on the part of faculty members. All proposed summer course offerings must have approval of the respective Dean.

II. Part-Time Faculty Workload

Part-time faculty members are employed to teach specific courses in a given term. Employment of a part-time faculty member in any given term does not guarantee employment in any subsequent term. In certain instances, however, a part time instructor may be employed for the entire academic year. The approved full stipend will only be authorized for courses in which a minimum of eight students is enrolled.

The University recognizes that while part-time faculty are employed to teach one or more courses in a given semester but no more than 9 to 12 credit hours per semester, a concomitant responsibility exists that goes beyond the classroom. Each instructor must agree to provide a means for being contacted by students if questions should arise. This can be done by providing students with a Lynn University email address and/or allocation of some pre-class or post-class time for addressing these questions.


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To learn more about this policy or the supporting procedures, please contact Academic Affairs.

Policy updated on: Oct. 24, 2018