What you can do with a public administration degree

public administration degree

You’re the type of person who always has a plan and knows how to efficiently get things done. You listen to all sides of an issue and can develop comprehensive, organized plans. Most of all, you are a natural leader who wants to create policies that will help communities. 

If this sounds like you, you should consider a master’s degree in public administration (MPA). This degree opens tons of career opportunities. You can work for government, nonprofits or community organizations. Here are seven careers to choose from if you have a public administration degree.

1. City manager

Every city needs a manager to minimize expenses and make sure that tax dollars are used efficiently. City managers carefully manage operations and budgets for departments in their city. This includes planning budgets and projects and making sure public services are working efficiently. Elected officials choose city managers. 

2. Civil service administrator

Civil service administrators advise the government on current political issues. They work in a various departments to develop and implement government policies and provide services to the public. This can involve dealing with the public, preparing policy proposals and producing research.

3. International aid worker

International aid workers live in foreign countries and respond to humanitarian crises around the world. While working in developing countries, they set up sustainable solutions to problems. They work on projects involving agriculture, education, health, sanitation, human rights and industrial development. 

They are employed by charities such as international aid organizations and volunteer groups. They do a variety of tasks including fundraising, hands-on relief work, project management and project planning.

4. Public relations consultant

Public relations consultants are an intermediary between the public and the organization they work for. They provide advice about how to communicate with the community, create PR campaigns, work with marketing professionals and write press releases.

5. Tax examiner

Tax examiners make sure local, state and federal governments receive the taxes citizens and businesses owe them. They determine the amount of money owed, conduct audits and collect overdue taxes. They also figure out the current and future financial needs of government agencies.

6. Fundraising manager

Fundraising managers raise money for organizations such as charities. They also manage fundraising campaigns, organize events, develop strategies to meet fundraising goals and manage people who help with fundraising.

7. Mayor

If you gain several years of experience working in other public administration jobs, you might want to consider running for mayor. The mayor oversees a city’s main departments, which may include education, fire, housing and police. They are also responsible for overseeing financial decisions and public relations.

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