What is hospitality management?

What is hospitality management?

Does the happiness of others fill you with a sense of purpose? Hospitality management helps ensure travelers have the comforts, events and help they need to have an incredible stay—whether business or pleasure. Hospitality management supervises staff, programs and operations in the hospitality and tourism industries. People in this field, work at amusement parks, country clubs, cruise ships, restaurants, hotels and more. Hospitality managers mind the balance of running a profitable business while meeting and exceeding guest expectations. A degree in hospitality management teaches you sound management concepts in these industries.

Top 5 hospitality management careers:

1. Hotel manager

Hotel managers oversee the daily operations and staff of a hotel to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Their main goal is to keep costs low while offering a high-quality experience to guests. They plan and supervise hotel activities and handle customer complaints and questions. On the financial side, they maintain budgets, expenses and monitor profits. They order maintenance work to be done when necessary and ensure that the hotel complies with licensing laws and health and safety legislation. 

2. Catering manager

Catering managers plan, direct and coordinate catered events. Their main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and direct the kitchen and wait staff to meet customer needs. Other responsibilities include planning food and beverage menus, scheduling shifts and ensuring that all hygiene standards are met. 

3. Restaurant manager

Restaurant managers ensure a restaurant runs efficiently and achieves revenue objectives. They direct staff members and help to guarantee the restaurant complies with local, state and federal laws, and manage other health and safety issues. Restaurant managers are also responsible for consistency of quality, customer satisfaction and general business operations. 

4. Head chef

Want to cook exquisite meals or even own a restaurant one day? Head chefs direct operations in a restaurant’s kitchen, manage kitchen workers and other cooks. Other tasks include purchasing food from vendors and developing menus. They regularly complete walk throughs to make sure the food is fresh and the kitchen is clean in accordance with health code regulations. 

5. Event manager

If you have strong organizational skills, can handle complicated logistics and have an artistic eye, becoming an event manager might be the right career for you. Event managers make sure events run smoothly, on deadline and stay within budget. They hire and manage event staff and vendors, which includes entertainment, food and beverage, security, service and venues. Another aspect of being an event manager is promoting the event to the target audience through advertisement, guest list management, outreach, partnerships and social media. During the event, they make sure everything runs smoothly and resolve any problems that occur. Once the event is completed, they analyze the event’s success and prepare reports for their client.

Another way to become an event manager is through an events management degree.

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