Types of psychologists and their salaries

A bachelor’s degree in psychology opens the door to a variety of career options ranging from guidance counseling to research marketing. But, if your goal is to become a psychologist or licensed social worker for therapy, you also need to earn your master’s degree. 

To be a psychologist, you will have to earn your Ph.D. or PsyD in psychology. Some of these career paths, such as psychiatry, involve medical school. No matter what career you choose, a career in psychology involves a high level of analytical thinking, communication skills and empathy. 

Six top-paying careers in psychology

1. Clinical neuropsychologist

A clinical neuropsychologist specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from brain injury or damage. Neuropsychologists have advanced knowledge of how the brain works and an extensive understanding of neurological and neuroanatomical diseases. Clinical neuropsychologists work in hospitals, mental health clinics, pharmaceutical labs, research centers and universities.

Salary: Salaries range from $98,000-$160,000. The average base salary is $132,351.

2. Engineering psychologist

An engineering psychologist is involved with the design process of a product. They use their knowledge of human psychology to design helpful products. Engineering psychologists often specialize in an area such as ergonomics, human-computer interaction, human factors or usability engineering.

Salary: Salaries range from $50,597-$153,902. The average base salary is $85,686.

3. Geropsychologist

People change cognitively and behaviorally throughout their lifetime. Geropsychologists meet the unique challenges of treating the elderly. They help older adults with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and age-related illnesses.

Salary: Salaries range from $43,211-123,509. The average base salary is $77,627.

4. Industrial-organizational psychologist

Industrial-organizational psychologists help address both human and organizational problems in the workplace. Often referred to as I/O psychology, this field of psychology requires an understanding of career development, consumer behavior and organizational development. 

Salary: Salaries range from $53,000-$97,000. The average base salary is $73,101.

5. Military psychologist

These psychologists perform psychiatric evaluations and provide counseling services to military personnel and their families. Through these processes, they assess and treat emotional difficulties and mental disorders among service members. Some of the responsibilities and duties of a military psychologist include conducting research, performing psychological assessments and treating emotional and mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Salary: Salaries range from $22,646-$149,479. The average base salary is $58,707.

6. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) whose duties include the assessment, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of emotional and cognitive difficulties. Psychiatrists have extensive knowledge of the relationship between biological and mental health. 

Salary: Salaries range from $80,000-$398,000. The average base salary is $209,742.

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