Top mass communications jobs for millennials

Top mass communications jobs

As a generation, millennials are tech savvy, entrepreneurial and progressive. Why not make a career out of what you do best? A degree in communications teaches you about traditional mass communication and how it can be used in conjunction with today’s social media technology. It opens many rewarding career opportunities. 

Four of the best mass communications jobs for millennials

1. Speechwriter

Speechwriters mainly work in the public relations departments in both the private and public sectors. To prepare speeches, speechwriters must research statistics, political issues and trends. Using their research, they create persuasive speeches for a targeted audience. They also work with the clients who will give the speech to ensure that the delivery meets the desired message and tone.

Salary: Salaries range from $46,661-$59,882.The average base salary is $48,216.

2. Social media specialist

Social media specialists work directly with social media platforms. Their roles may span a variety of responsibilities or they may target development, implementation or strategy for a company. A successful social media specialist builds brand awareness and creates a strong community around the brand. To accomplish this goal, they maintain the client’s social media profiles and create compelling content that users want to share with their social networks. They regularly publish internal and external content, including blogs, status updates, vlogs and videos. 

Salary: Salaries range from $34,000-$71,000. The average base salary is $49,395.

3. Media relations specialist

Media relations specialists create and maintain relationships with the press and related external communications for an organization. They are often part of broader communications or content department. In addition to communicating with the press, media relations specialists are responsible for media releases. They often work closely with marketing and public relations departments.

Salary: Salaries range from $41,000-$73,000.The average base salary is $52,333.

4. Editor or copywriter

Editors and copywriters plan, create, edit and publish information on a variety of company communications platforms. They may be responsible for blogs, social media, internal or external communications, marketing campaigns or anything that involves content. Editorial may be its own department or located within a larger department, such as communications, marketing or web design. Editors and copywriters may also be required to know or learn company, industry or product-specific information.

Apart from excellent writing and editing skills, a knowledge of search engine optimization or marketing (SEO/SEM), user experience or coding benefits an editor or copywriter in the digital space. 

Salary: Salaries range from $55,518-$54,743.The average base salary is $54,743.

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A communications major offers you as a millennial a variety of rewarding career options. Lynn University’s communication degree gives you the skills you need to stay on top of the trends and demands of the industry. 

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