Careers in computer animation

Careers in computer animation

Do you love the way animation stretches the boundaries of what is possible in movies and video games? Animation is a highly competitive industry. But, if you have passion and the right work ethic, you can paint life into visual projects. There are a variety of different career paths you can take with a degree in computer animation. 

The most popular careers in computer animation:

1. Mobile app developer

The demand for mobile app developers is stronger than ever. With the continuing rise of smartphone usage in recent years, mobile apps have become the most profitable platform in the video game industry. 

Usually working as part of a team, app developers create games and other interactive apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices using various programming languages. They work with data specialists, graphic artists and other software experts to create applications. Once the application is completed and tested, app developers fix bugs.

If you are interested in becoming a mobile app developer, take courses in computer science and software development while in college to complement your computer animation degree.

Salary: Mobile app developer salaries range from $30,000-$198,000. The average base salary is $95,820.

2. Computer animator

Animators use animation, illustration and design programs to design characters and settings to tell compelling stories in advertising content, film and video games. Typically, animators produce and edit animation based off a storyboard that comes from or in collaboration with a larger creative team. As part of creating an animated project, animators work with directors, game designers and other animators to create completed works.

Salary: Animator salaries range from $51,000-$109,000. The average base salary is $75,983.

3. Web developer

Web developers create user-friendly websites and web-based applications for businesses, corresponding to clients’ specifications. They code, design and modify websites using their knowledge of programming languages and web applications, including APIs, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. They also have a strong understanding of web functions and standards, including cross-browser compatibility and user interface. Working closely with designers and project managers, web developers make final projects within budget and other determined parameters.

Salary: Web developer salaries range from $54,000-$114,000. The average base salary is $73,103.

4. Video game designer

Video game designers use their computer animation degree, creativity and tech savvy to help them create new games that catch the attention of gamers around the world. They design animation, characters, puzzles and storylines for different games. Some video game designers specialize in one aspect of video game design, such as character design or layout. They give these concepts to the video game developers who write the code for the game. 

Salary: Video game designer salaries range from $40,000-$74,000. The average base salary is $55,194.

5. Graphic designer 

Graphic designers use their creativity and technological skills to make designs that convince consumers to purchase products. They focus on digital and overall visual presentation of a product, page or user experience. They create multiple models of the design in programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite and present these designs to the art or creative director.

Salary: Graphic designer salaries range from $32,000-$59,000. The average base salary is $43,720.

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Whether you want to become an animator or choose another career path, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in computer animation from Lynn University opens the door to countless opportunities. In our courses, you will learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling and computer-generated techniques. Learn about every step of the digital production process including 3D modeling, cinematic lighting, screenplay writing and storyboarding. While you are still a student, you will create a compelling portfolio that showcases your best work. 

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