Lynn and Amani Institute offer MBA in Social Innovation Management

Students of the Amani Institute brain storm in class

Lynn University has formed an academic collaboration with Amani Institute, a non-profit based in Nairobi, Kenya, and São Paulo, Brazil, that focuses on developing next generation leadership to tackle 21st century challenges. Together, the institutions will offer an MBA in Social Innovation Management, a new graduate course track at Lynn.

"Our new MBA track with Amani Institute will provide Lynn students not only with tangible skills, but also the fundamentals to drive positive change in today's global society," says Lynn President Kevin M. Ross. "This specialized degree is ideal for students who are interested in social impact and plan to create their own startup companies or work with non-governmental organizations or social enterprises."

Amani Institute's mission is to equip a new generation of leaders with the knowledge, insights and skill-sets to drive positive social change. The program is based on a new model of higher education that provides participants an intensive experience of global, cross-boundary work.

"Program participants at Amani Institute train for their careers similar to how a doctor or an Olympian trains—a mix of intensive immersion, the development of specific capacities and a deeper understanding of their true self," says Amani Institute Co-Founder and CEO Roshan Paul. "We foster in-depth self-exploration and align personal and professional purpose to stay balanced, grounded and personally sustainable while doing highly challenging social change work."

Endorsed by Ashoka East Africa, The Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership and the Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory, among others, Amani Institute's unique, field-based program brings together a group of competitively selected, highly talented individuals from around the world. Students receive a holistic, future-oriented training endorsed by leaders across the social, business, education and government sectors.

Lynn students who pursue an MBA in Social Innovation Management will take Lynn graduate courses, on campus or online, in conjunction with Amani Institute's 10-month program, which comprises four months in-person (Nairobi, Kenya or São Paulo, Brazil) and six months online with international peers. Students design innovative solutions for problems they care about, learn professional skills in courses taught by global experts, undergo a customized apprenticeship in an organization of their interest, and experience a signature personal development curriculum as well as inspiring field trips.

In addition to concrete practical skills and hard-won field experience, Amani Institute focuses on helping its fellows develop the vision to see what needs to change, the courage to step into the unknown, the empathy to work effectively with others, an ethos of change-making to build a more peaceful world, and the global mindset that looks for solutions beyond boundaries.

The program will provide nine credits toward Lynn students' MBA in Social Innovation Management. Additionally, participants from Amani Institute's program will have the opportunity to transfer nine credits to Lynn toward a master's degree that can be completed either in-person or online.

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