Stay safe this spring break

Whether you're jet-setting across the country or staying local, spring break is the ultimate time to unwind.

Before you leave to enjoy time with family and friends, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Share travel details with a friend or family member before you leave.
  • Send them the name of your hotel, the room and phone number, and when you should arrive and return.
  • Give them a copy of important documents including your: passport, driver’s license, insurance card and credit cards.
  • Bring emergency contact information with you.

On the road
Enjoy the drive safely.

  • Take turns behind the wheel, especially during long distances.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Never drink and drive: Use a designated driver or a licensed and insured taxi driver. Remember, a taxi is cheaper than a DUI and may save your life!

In a hotel
Remain alert and check out your surroundings.

  • Keep the door locked and use the peephole.
  • Do not open the door for strangers.
  • Use the safe to lock up important documents and valuables.
  • Know your exit route in case of an emergency.
  • Never climb balconies or sit on railings.

Out on the town
Arrive together; leave together.

If you choose to drink, do so responsibly.

  • Keep your drink with you—never leave it unattended, not even for a moment.
  • Decline drinks from strangers.
  • Avoid open container/punch bowl drinks. (Do you really know what's in there?)
  • Eat a full meal ahead of time, and alternate alcoholic beverages with water or other soft drinks.
  • Don’t mix alcohol with other drugs. It can be lethal.
  • Have an exit plan, call a taxi or stay where you drink.
  • Do not drink and drive—not even jet skis, boats or other recreational vehicles.

About sex
It must be consensual. And keep in mind, a majority of sexual assaults happen with someone you may know.

  • Know your limits, communicate them firmly and directly, and stop if your partner says no—no means no!
  • If you see someone being harassed, step in and ask if they’re okay, or find someone else who can.
  • Watch out for one another.
  • If you choose to engage in sexual activity, practice safe sex.

Spring break is made for friends and fun—so enjoy the time safely!

Remember, if you feel threatened at any time, dial 911.

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ASSAF Courtyard
ASSAF courtyard during Spring Break 2019.
Charlotte Jerdak, student
Ross College of Education students
Ross College of Education students enjoy having class in the amphitheater outside the new Christine E. Lynn Center.
Jennifer Lesh, faculty member
Lynn Hockey team
Lynn's ice hockey team captured the East Florida Collegiate Hockey Conference title, beating Flagler in the finals 5-0.
Theodore Curtis, faculty member
Watson Institute master course with guest facilitator, Ronald Porter.
Weekly Watson Institute master course with guest facilitator, Ronald Porter.
Ja'dan Johnson, student
Prospective student with family posing in front of Fighting Knights cutouts.
Prospective student and family enjoying their tour of Lynn University.
Saylor Rogers, student
Christine E. Lynn University Center
Welcome to the Christine E. Lynn University Center.
Charlotte Jerdak, staff member

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