Campus Safety efforts span day and night

Campus Safety officer in front of the Wold

Around the clock, Lynn University’s Department of Campus Safety officers work endlessly to protect staff, faculty, students and visitors. At Lynn, Campus Safety is more than an average security department; it employs exceptionally trained staff who strive to make meaningful connections with students while preparing for and responding to any campus emergency.

Here are five ways Lynn’s campus safety serves to protect, preserve and uplift campus:

1. Emergency preparation

Led by Chief Larry Rickard, campus safety officers are taught to prepare for “when lightning strikes.” Getting hit by lightning is unexpected and rare, just like an emergency situation on campus. Through a variety of outreach programs, faculty, staff, students and incoming students are informed annually of policies and emergency response protocols.

Off campus, the department’s leaders maintain close relationships with local and federal public service agencies. For example, by providing Boca Raton Police and Fire departments with updated floor plans and geo-location based data, rescue personnel are equipped to more quickly and easily administer help on campus.

The department’s officers also receive regular training by outside sponsors. In recent years, campus safety has participated in both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Boca Raton Police Department’s active shooter exercises with local universities and other business campuses. To make the experience more encompassing, trainings have occurred on and off campus.

2. Emergency response

Campus safety is ready to inform and protect the community. In the event of an emergency, on-campus students, faculty and staff, as well as their emergency contacts, can be reached through the university’s notification systems. Official emergency communication platforms include and are not limited to:; voice, email and text alerts; desktop messaging; an outdoor public-address system and alert beacon devices (flashing lights with spoken messages).

View current safety protocols.

3. 24-hour protection

Campus safety works around the clock to ensure residents, employees and visitors are safe. Not only are they always observing campus activity, but they are also monitoring cameras around campus for potential threats. If an emergency arises or injuries have occurred, campus safety officers are trained to provide immediate medical care until first responders arrive.

4. Student-catered response

Lynn’s Department of Campus Safety prides itself on employing officers with exceptional communication skills. Officers are expected to connect with students, whether commuting across campus on golf carts, bikes or foot. Through intentional conversations and informative training sessions, officers help students understand local laws including public intoxication, open containers, traffic stops and more. These trainings not only help students learn state-wide policies but also allow officers to build meaningful relationships.

5. Student involvement

Beyond keeping campus safe, the Department of Campus Safety also helps students explore future career possibilities within the field. A Knights on Patrol program (KOPS), under the direction of Andrew Burnstine, enables participants to serve campus with the campus safety’s five imperatives: teamwork, professionalism, visibility, quality of customer service, and safety and security.

The program began in 2016, and over 20 students have participated in it. Those who complete the semester-long experience receive three additional January Term credits, and outstanding graduates can earn letters of recommendation from Chief Rickard when applying for future jobs.

Overall, the Department of Campus Safety’s officers provide more than a sense of comfort and safety on campus—they are passionate officers who strive to create a safe learning, working, and living environment, all year long. Day and night, campus safety is ready to engage, inform, and protect the faculty, staff, and students who make our institution so special.

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Prospective student and family enjoying their tour of Lynn University.
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Amazing double rainbow over the Lynn University Labyrinth.
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Marisa McGrady and Samo Nvota prep for a debate round—Lynn Debate won finalist trophies and speaker awards at SEU.
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