What’s the connection between politics and psychology? Science and media?

The College of Arts and Sciences will encourage you to find out. Prepare to be a creative and critical thinker through hands-on projects and diverse learning experiences. Gain fresh perspectives from classmates around the world and professors who are dedicated to your success at Lynn and beyond.

Gary Villa

Our college’s greatest strength is our diversity

Wherever you want to go in life, the College of Arts and Sciences can help you get there, even if you aren’t sure where that is yet.


Student sitting in class at Lynn University.


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Karen Casey
I love teaching. I do! I’m a traditional academic, and I'm proud of it.
Karen Casey, College of Arts and Sciences, professor
Students sign the Civility Pledge.
Promoting civility in politics and life.
You can be a part of promoting civility in the community. Take the civility pledge now.
Marcheta Wright, international relations
There are two aspects of my professional life that are critically important to me: To enhance my students' learning experiences, and to collaborate and share ideas and experiences with my colleagues.
Marchéta Wright, professor of international relations
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