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College Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program equivalencies

Students may earn up to 30 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits. Submit official transcripts for review.

CLEP examScoreLynn equivalentCreditsMeets requirements
Composition and Literature
College Composition Modular50ENG 1013DSSAE 100
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50ENG 1023DSSAE 200
English Literature50ENG 3403DSSG 300
American Literature50ENG 3303DSSG 300
Foreign Languages
College Level French - Level I50LAN 100 &
LAN 202
College Level French - Level II62LAN 100 &
LAN 202 &
LAN 303
College Level Spanish - Level I50LAN 110 &
LAN 212
College Level Spanish - Level II66LAN 110 &
LAN 212 &
LAN 312
College Level German - Level I50LAN 010 &
LAN 020
College Level German - Level II62LAN 010 &
LAN 020 &
LAN 030
Social Sciences & History
American Government50HIS 2253DJCA 200
History of the United States I50HIS 2213DJCA 200
History of the United States II50HIS 2223DJCA 200
Western Civilization I50HIS 010 3DJCG 100 
Western Civilization II50HIS 010 3DJCG 100
Humanities50HUM 0103Based on course content
Principles of Microeconomics50BUS 1803
Principles of Macroeconomics50BUS 1803
Introduction to Psychology50PSY 100 or
PSY 150
3DSSA 100
Introduction to Sociology50SOC 1103DSSA 100
Human Growth and Development50PSY 2503
Social Sciences & History50HUM 0103DSSG 100
Introduction to Educational Psychology50PSY 0103DSSA 100
Science and Mathematics
Biology50SCI 110 &
SCI 111
8DSL 100 &
DSL 200
Chemistry50SCI 130 &
SCI 131
8DSL 100 &
DSL 200
Natural Sciences50SCI 010 &
SCI 020
8DSL 100 &
DSL 200
College Mathematics50MAT 0103DQR 100
College Algebra50MAT 1103DQR 100
Calculus50MAT 3204DQR 300
Information Systems and Computer Applications50CMS 2003
Financial Accounting50ACC 020 3
Introductory Business Law50BUS 372 3DJCA 300
Principles of Management50BUS 2703
Principles of Marketing50MKT 2503

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Lynn Debate team poses after competition in 2018
Lynn Debate hosted a Parli and BP tournament April 7-8. Lynn Debate won both Parli and BP Champs and Top Speakers.
Kathryn Hamm, faculty member
Sitting poolside on a beautiful and sunny South Florida day
Beautiful day on campus by the pool.
Charlotte Jerdak, staff member
Sohaib Ejaz outside the Perper Residence Hall
Working on a video for the Office of Admission. Representing Pakistan!
Sohaib Ejaz, student
The Snyder Sactuary shows brightly against the blue sky
The beautiful Sanctuary in a perfect Florida weather
Gabriela Siman, student
A comedian performs in front of students at the Wold Performing Arts Center
Over 216 students laughed out loud with Wild n' Out comedian Karlous Miller during the Student Activities Board's event.
Jessica Fitzpatrick, staff member
Young girl eats ice cream from a cone in the dining hall
Future Lynn student hitting up the soft serve! ... I wonder where she gets it from!
Gina Branigan, staff member

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