Meet Code Institute

Code Institute is a Dublin-based technology bootcamp that produces career-ready developers through a flexible, online courses. Lynn's academic collaboration with Code Institute allows students, employees and alumni to gain experience in software development on their time, at a significant discount.

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How does the collaboration with Lynn work?
Lynn students, alumni and employees have access to Code Institute’s program at a significantly discounted cost. You can begin Code Institute’s self-paced online program at any time you choose.

What will I learn in the program?
You will gain career-ready software development skills and the expertise to work as a developer upon completion. Code Institute teaches HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python, along with other technologies.

What program support is available?
You will have a dedicated mentor who is an industry expert and access to a dedicated student support team.

How will I be graded?
There are no exams. You will be assessed by five milestone projects over the course of the program. These projects ultimately comprise a personal software development portfolio to showcase your abilities and interests.

What is the expected time commitment per week?
If a participant spends 12.5 hours per week on coursework, it will take approximately 48 weeks to complete the bootcamp. The program is designed to be completed within one year, but Lynn members can receive an extended timeframe.

Are there any prerequisites?
Coding experience is not required; only a passion for technology and dedication to learning.

How much is the program?
Lynn students, employees and alumni receive a 20% discount on Code Institute’s bootcamp. The total cost is $4,000.

Is financial aid available?
Code Institute can help identify opportunities for financial assistance. There is no federal, state or Lynn institutional aid available.

Are there additional materials required?
You will need a laptop or computer with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and internet connectivity. Tablet devices are not suitable for the program.

How do I apply?
Apply for Code Institute admission online, and a representative will guide applicants through the process.

Colleen McAuley completed Code Institute's online bootcamp.
Completing Code Institute’s full stack bootcamp was the best decision I ever made. I loved the idea of gaining a set of [employable] skills and tools I could take with me, for the rest of my career.
Colleen McAuley, Tampa-based software developer

​​Earn academic credit​

Qualifying undergraduate students can earn up to 12 elective credits with Code Institute’s program. Or, apply up to six credits toward a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity or data analytics, and use the other six credits as electives.