Spend less time and less money earning your J.D. and your bachelor’s degree.

Get a jump on the competition in earning your J.D. with this innovative 3+3 program. First spend three years at Lynn, working toward your bachelor’s. Then spend three years at St. Thomas Law, completing your bachelor’s and earning your J.D. By choosing this accelerated path, you’ll eliminate one year of tuition—saving nearly $50,000.

How it works

You will complete three years of undergraduate education at Lynn and complete your fourth year at St. Thomas Law as a first-year law student.

  • The first 29 credits earned at St. Thomas Law will transfer back to Lynn and complete your bachelor’s degree.
  • You must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA at Lynn, and a 2.0 or higher GPA at St. Thomas Law.

How to apply

  1. First, apply to Lynn for your bachelor’s in one of the approved degree programs. Only certain undergraduate degree programs are eligible for the 3+3.
  2. Then, in your junior year at Lynn, apply to the St. Thomas Law J.D. program. Note that acceptance into St. Thomas Law is separate from your acceptance into Lynn.

Approved bachelor’s programs

Tuition information

Your first three years of undergraduate studies at Lynn is nearly $50,000 per year. Your last three years at St. Thomas Law is approximately $36,888 per year.

Scholarship information

  • St. Thomas Law and Lynn offer financial aid and academic scholarships.
  • You’ll receive a $5,000 scholarship for each of your three years at St. Thomas Law School.
  • Plus, if you’re in the top 25 percentile of your class after your first year at St. Thomas, you’re eligible for a merit scholarship between $5,000 and $33,000.

Learn more about St. Thomas Law by contacting Jessica Fonseca-Nader, St. Thomas Law assistant dean for enrollment and scholarships, at +1 305-474-2406.

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