Learn about tuition and costs as an undergraduate student.

Full-time tuition for a traditional day undergraduate student is based on enrolling for a minimum of three courses (9–16 credits) per semester. Additional fees are incurred for extra credits.

Tuition and fees

These estimates are based on full-time enrollment, and may change depending on financial positions and awards. Our net price calculator helps you estimate your costs, including possible financial aid and scholarships.

Tuition $35,960$36,680
Room and board$12,170$12,370
Student services$1,000$1,000
Estimated total$50,380$51,300

*All undergraduate students pay a $1,000 annual student service fee and a one-time $500 course materials fee. Day students who live on campus must also pay a $750 technology fee. Commuters must pay $400.

Additional fees

Additional fees are estimated and will vary by student. Not all fees are required.

Domestic/international student health insurance
$1,390$1,450 (estimated)
Tuition insurance$340 (estimated)$340 (estimated)
Summer courses$1,020/credit (Summer 2018)$1,040/credit (Summer 2019)
Books & supplies$800$800
Special fees

International students, students participating in the Institute for Achievement and Learning, Flight Academy students and those majoring in graphics and visual communication as well as film and video programs, are charged additional fees to cover costs unique to their needs/programs.

Lab fees
Flight AcademyView pricing information
Graphics, films and video supplies $200 per semester (approximately)

Institute for Achievement and Learning

New students$5,875/semester
Returning students$4,225/semester
Room and board

First-year students usually live with one or two roommates, and returning students participate in a housing selection process to choose whether they prefer to live with roommates or alone. There are a limited number of private rooms.

All residential students are required to have a meal plan, which is automatically added into pricing options.

Triple occupancy room
Private bath$6,185/semester
Double occupancy room
Community bath$6,185/semester
Private bath$6,725/semester*
Perper suite with shared bath$7,700/semester**
Single occupancy room
Community bath$7,525/semester*
Shared bath$7,525/semester*
Perper suite with shared bath$7,950/semester**
Private bath$7,830/semester**

*There is limited availability for first-year students.
**Perper suites are dedicated to junior and senior students.


Single tuition payments for the entire 2018–2019 academic year differ depending on when payment is received.

Paid byDiscount
April 1$650
May 1$550
June 1$450
July 1$350

Single tuition payment for the fall semester

Paid byDiscount
April 1$325
May 1$275
June 1$225

Single tuition payment for the spring semester

Paid byDiscount
Oct. 1$100
Nov. 1$50

Family discount

Two family members10% off each tuition
Three family members15% off each tuition


As a new undergraduate student, you must make a deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is not related to your tuition payment.
Resident student*$500
Commuter student$300
Flight training certificates$2,000/certificate

*Spring deposits are nonrefundable. Fall deposits for residential and commuter students are nonrefundable after May 1.


Payment plans

Lynn offers a tuition payment plan through HigherOne.

Make a payment

Fall 2018

  • Plan opens June 1
  • Must enroll prior to September 7
  • $35 application fee is nonrefundable
  • Payment plan is to cover full costs of spring semester
    • Five-part installments July 1–Nov. 1
    • Four-part installments Aug. 1–Nov. 1
    • Three-part installments Sep. 1–Nov. 1

Spring 2019

  • Must enroll prior to February 1
  • $35 application fee is nonrefundable
  • Payment plan options
    • Five-part installments Dec. 1–April 1
    • Four-part installments Jan. 1–April 1
    • Three-part installments Feb. 1–April 1

The first payment installment and nonrefundable registration fee is due upon enrollment.

Ways to pay

Please include the student’s name and Lynn University ID number to ensure the account is credited promptly:

Pay online

with Cashnet—certain foreign currencies are now accepted through the Western Union portal.

Electronic transfer
Bank United, Miami Lakes, Florida
Routing transit number: 267090594
Lynn University
Checking account number: 9853873267


Mailing address for checks
Lynn University
3601 N. Military Trail Boca Raton, FL 33431

Acceptable forms of payment include:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Visa*
  • Mastercard*
  • American Express*
  • Discover*
  • Electronic transfers in U.S. dollars

Tuition payment deadline is Aug. 1 for fall semester, Dec. 1 for spring semester and May 1 for summer. The late payment fee is $500 for fall and spring semesters, and $100 for summer.

*When paying with credit cards, please be advised that there is a 2.75% convenience fee charge for domestic credit cards, and a 4.25% charge for international credit cards.


Students are eligible for refunds on tuition fees and meal plans if withdrawn from the university based on the following schedule. Room refunds are only given prior to the start of the semester.

Fall and spring tuition and meal plan refunds:

  • 100% prior to first day of semester
  • 75% within first seven days of semester
  • 50% within first 14 days of semester
  • 25% within first 25 days of semester

Summer tuition and meal plan refunds:

  • 100% prior to first day of term
  • 75% during first day of term
  • 50% during second day of term
  • 25% during third day of term

Meal plans

Fuel your mind with 24-hour dining. Silver, gold and platinum meal plans are available.

Fund your education

Attending Lynn can be more reasonable than you may think. Explore scholarship, grants and loan opportunities and see how much you can save.

Tuition insurance

Minimize the financial burden of losses incurred if a serious injury or sickness causes you to leave before completing the semester.

Lynn University has arranged with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. to offer the Tuition Refund Plan to day students and parents. This plan minimizes the financial burden of losses incurred when a student suffers a serious injury or sickness and has to leave Lynn University before completing the semester. These circumstances usually mean the loss of time invested in studies and the loss of the semester’s costs. This insurance program provides full coverage for tuition and room and board charges.

The plan's coverage is designed to extend the university’s published refund policy. If a student withdraws because of a serious illness or injury, or because of a mental health illness, the plan returns 70% of the insured semester tuition and room and board charges.

Note: This plan is only available for day students.

The cost for the year is a one-time payment of $385 for an on-campus student and $288 for an off-campus student. Students will be billed through the Lynn University Student Accounts office. Special fees such as the Institute for Achievement and Learning fee or mandatory fees such as the technology fee and student services fee are not covered under this plan.

Students who wish to waive participation, must complete a waiver form prior to Aug. 31, 2018, with the Student Financial Services Office.

If you have any questions, contact A.W.G. Dewar directly at +1 617-774-1555.

The university reserves the right to change, with or without notice, any of the fees listed on this site; increases are possible in subsequent years.


Student Financial Services

Phone number
+1 561-237-7185

+1 561-237-7189


Helpful info


Lynn FAFSA code: 001505