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The B.F.A. in drama is a concentrated acting and musical theater training program that prepares you to become a professional actor for theater, movies, television and musicals. This unique and comprehensive curriculum blends traditional and contemporary theatrical training methods through innovative approaches that keep pace with the demands of the industry. In this program you can choose from two specializations, acting or musical theater performance.  

In order to be considered for this program, students must audition and fill out an application through Acceptd

What you'll learn in the drama program

  • Acting, script analysis, voice and movement 
  • Singing and vocal technique, and dance (including ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop)
  • Directing, playwriting and technical theater

Curriculum and requirements

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Career opportunities

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iPad-powered learning

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Drama curriculum 

In this four-year program, you will take 36 credits in the university core, the Dialogues. The remaining 84 credits are spent in major courses and electives. The program has two specialized tracks: acting and musical theater performance. 

  • Acting specialization students study advanced acting techniques, directing, technical theater, acting for the camera, stage combat and playwriting. 
  • Musical theater performance specialization students study singing and vocal technique, dance (including ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop), music theory, acting, musical theater performance and musical theater history.

Course preview

DRA 308 Acting IV: Acting Methods  
Students survey the specific acting methods of Stanislavski, Hagan, Meisner and Strasberg. Students read selected works from significant and influential American playwrights and perform scenes from these works.

DRA 416 Applied Dance (8 semesters: two credits each)  
Each semester students will receive a course in dance technique and various styles essential for working in the professional musical theater. Over the eight semesters students will study ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance giving the student an overview of required styles for contemporary and iconic/historical musical theater dance.                             

DRA 423  The Business of Drama  
This is a preparatory course for students entering the dramatic industry for film, television and/or theater. Portfolio creation, financial management, marketing strategies and employment opportunities are studied. 

Application procedures 

Students must complete two applications and audition to be considered for this program. First, students must apply to Lynn University. Second, students must apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama. Third, students must schedule a live audition or submit an audition video. The live audition is highly encouraged.

  • Apply to Lynn.
  • Apply to the B.F.A in drama through Acceptd
  • Schedule an audition or submit a video audition through Acceptd.  

If auditioning live, students should expect a decision regarding acceptance into the program within two weeks of their live audition. If auditioning through video submission, students should expect a decision by April 1, 2018. Admittance is for the 2018 fall semester. There is no spring or summer admittance.

Following the live auditions, applicants will either be accepted into the program, waitlisted or denied. Students auditioning through video submission will either be accepted, waitlisted, denied or they may also be asked to attend a live audition for further review.

Auditions take place Dec. 9, Jan. 27 and Feb. 24. 

Drama careers 

In the B.F.A in drama program, you will learn theatrical training methods and innovative techniques that you can take with you in your career. As a graduate of this program, you can start a career in one of the following: 

  • Actor 
  • Performer
  • Director 
  • Producer
  • Motivational speaker

Some of our graduates have gone on to work for many well-known establishments, such as: 

  • Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida 
  • Metro Chicago concert hall in Chicago, Illinois
  • Villanova Theatre in Villanova, Pennsylvania 
  • Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida
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Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Ana Siliquini in Madrid
La Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid España!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Felicia Besan at the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
At the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
Felicia Besan, staff member
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Traveling Lynn blue bear
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felcia Besan at Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Felicia Besan, staff member
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab.
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab visiting a Rwandan social enterprise
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