Marlene Goldstein upholds family tradition

Marlene Goldstein

When Marlene Goldstein walks past the lecture suite that bears her late husband Dr. Arnold Goldstein’s name, she knows the Mohammed Indimi International Business Center is the ideal spot to honor him.

Marlene and Arnold Goldstein 2004
Marlene and Dr. Arnold Goldstein (2004)

Arnie, as he was known, was a popular professor in the business school. He was an entrepreneur, author and attorney, but considered education his true calling.

“It’s very appropriate Marlene made sure Arnold has a legacy associated with the business school,” said Dr. Ralph Norcio, the Homer and Martha Gudelsky Professor of Business. “He was passionate about education and genuinely liked young people. I have a lot of respect for both of them, for their generosity and commitment to Lynn students.”

The Arnold Goldstein Lecture Suites are three large classrooms on the first floor of the Indimi Business Center. A moveable partition allows the space to open up to accommodate up to 150 people, then quickly reverts to traditional classroom space. Because of its versatility, the suites are a favorite setting for student collaboration in small groups as well as community events, such as the recent Dively Lecture Series with Scott Kirkpatrick, CEO of General Assembly.

The lecture suites represent just the most recent Goldstein gift of support to Lynn’s building plan. First came the 250-seat Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall in the de Hoernle International Center, the centerpiece of Lynn’s Conservatory of Music.

“The Amarnick-Goldstein Hall is my first love. We watched the space as they were building it and were there together all the time,” Mrs. Goldstein said. “My husband loved music and the conservatory happened to need a performance space, so that’s how it came about.”

It seemed almost that simple at the time, too. In 1999, Lynn had a large room under construction, designed to be a lecture hall, but with none of the acoustics a concert hall requires.

“It was still just a concrete shell,” said Roberta Rust, head of the conservatory’s piano studio. “The Goldsteins and Amarnicks stepped up to provide the funds to make it a concert hall. It was really lucky timing: the right building at the right time with donors who were crazy about music.”

Rust said the space has been a true gift to students, faculty and the community.

“It’s intimate, great for chamber music and solo recitals,” she said. “It is a wonderful experience for performers and the audience. It is really perfect for our needs.”

On any given day

Both multiuse “rooms” that bear the Goldstein name are continually humming with activity. Here, a sampling of events each room hosts.

The Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall

  • Concerts: Live at Lynn Cabaret, Concerto Competition
  • Classes: chamber music, studio class
  • Performance Forum
  • Recitals: for degree, for faculty, for the public
  • Master classes

The Arnold Goldstein Lecture Suites

  • Lectures: Dively, CEO Speaker Series
  • Classes: business and management courses
  • Toastmasters International, Franchise Forum
  • ProductCamp
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