Conservatory faculty perform in Cuba

The Conservatory of Music left its mark on Cuba last summer and paved the way for cultural exchange.

Cole-Robertson Trio in Cuba
The Cole-Robertson Trio

The Cole-Robertson Trio and three other faculty members performed at a 16th-century basilica in Havana.

The trio comprised Dr. Jon Robertson, piano; Carol Cole, violin; and David Cole, cello. Also performing were Roberta Rust, piano; Sheng-Yuan Kuan, piano; and Manuel Capote, cello.

The group hosted a master class for local musicians associated with Leo Brouwer, renowned composer, guitarist, conductor and founder of the Orquesta de Córdoba.

“People from Leo Brouwer’s office want to study music and arts management at Lynn—now Cubans know Lynn,” said Capote, education and outreach coordinator and Cuba native.

The group presented to Brouwer a guitar crafted by oboist John Weisberg, a conservatory student who also plays guitar and builds harpsichords.

“It’s sort of an inner-intimate circle that occurs [in the music community],” said Robertson, conservatory dean. “Here is a young man who, as a kid, would have never imagined the opportunity to make an instrument for the composer whose music he grew up playing. It’s this type of personal inspiration that sparks a reciprocal for giving.”

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