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Lynn Early Learning Academy (LELA) is an online program that brings together award-winning technology to guide parents and children on their journey to kindergarten readiness. Digital skills set young learners on a path to success—and the path begins here.

Here's what pre-K parents are saying about Lynn Early Learning Academy:

"I loved the learning opportunities my daughter experienced with Lynn Early Learning Academy."

"My 3-year-old enjoyed ABC Mouse and LELA. He loved the learning path and enjoyed ‘feeding’ his fish and animals every day."

"These programs were awesome."

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Preparing a child for kindergarten can be challenging. Our online program provides you with tools to appraise a child’s achievements and develop a foundation for language, learning and social skills.
Corinne Muller, Lynn Early Learning Academy coach
Children at the ABC mouse event
How does it work?

Your monthly subscription combines award-winning ABCmouse learning content with online instructional segments tailored for preschool children ages 3 to 6.

Learn Early Learning Academy instructional segments, packaged by experts in the Lynn University College of Education, include:

  • Subscription to ABCmouse
  • ABC Mouse Assessment Center: academic areas covered in the assessment include language, literacy, and math—domains in which all 50 states have established specific kindergarten readiness standards, which enables parents to appraise their child's achievements and readiness to progress to the next curriculum level.
  • "Character education," original lessons in ethics jointly produced by Lynn University and KidOrangeTech
  • LanguaMetrics adaptation that appraises a child's ability to respond to, read and understand both spoken and printed English
  • Learning moments that provide a series of interactive videos and at home crafts. Each video will demonstrate an activity that allows for everyday experiences to become fun learning opportunities for you and your child.

All of these features will be offered for a monthly subscription of $29.95, or receive a 20% discount with an annual subscription of $289.95.

Puppet teaching children how to use the Language Book app.
What is ABCmouse, anyway?

ABCmouse.com is the most comprehensive early learning online resource. Establish a foundation of knowledge and build confidence with support from your child’s Lynn Early Learning coach.

ABC mouse puppet teaching children from the Language Books app on iPad.

Assess your child's speaking and listening abilities with a highly interactive educational program that helps children see their speaking and reading mistakes to improve more rapidly.

Child using the Language Book app on iPad with two ABC Mouse puppets.
Character education

Lynn Early Learning Academy’s character education puppets provide engaging videos that help children understand what good character means at this young age.

Erin Elder
Entering kindergarten is a monumental milestone. Our mission is to support families with the proper online educational tools that are both fun and educational.
Erin Elder, Lynn Early Learning Academy coach
Child with ABC mouse finger puppets on.
Learning moments

Looking for fun and engaging crafts you can create with your child? Look no further! Our videos turn everyday tasks into fun learning moments.

Child on computer watching The Adventures of Lela
ABCmouse assessment

Lynn Early Learning coaches provide quick and simple assessment tools that make it easy to differentiate your child’s learning needs. Our coaches support and guide you as you prepare your child for kindergarten.

ABCmouse assessment

Academic areas covered in the assessment include language, literacy, and math—domains in which all 50 states have established specific Kindergarten Readiness standards.

Assessment features include:

  • A comprehensive preschool academic skills assessment, composed of 11 language, literacy, and math skills that can be taken as one assessment or as 11 individual assessments
  • A comprehensive kindergarten academic skills assessment, composed of 12 language, literacy and math skills that can be taken as one assessment or as 12 individual assessments
  • Customized lessons targeted to help children improve in specific skills where they need further practice
  • Unlimited access to the assessments for up to three children, including tracking for each child on comprehensive academic skills assessments, as well as on individual reading, oral language and math skills
  • A user-friendly interface with clear, color-coded tables, charts and graphs that present and illustrate assessment results
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“I’m here to guide you as we explore and meet all my friends in Lynnville. Together we will have so much fun learning.”

Meet our character education puppets …

Turkey pupet.
Toby the Trustworthy Turkey

"I'm here to teach you why telling the truth, following the rules, and not taking things that don't belong to you are all ways to become trustworthy."

Mouse puppet dressed as a sheriff.
Rocky the Respectful Rat

"I'm here to teach you why being kind to friends and family, using good manners, and listening to adults are all ways to become rrrrrespectful."

Crow puppet with green polo on.
Rosie the Responsible Raven

"I'm here to teach you why always trying your best, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and helping family and friends are all ways to become responsible."

Fox puppet wearing an orange shirt and glasses.
Frankie the Fair Fox

"I'm here to teach you why following the rules, sharing with family and friends, and not blaming others for your wrong doings are all ways to treat people fairly."

Cow puppet with cooking apron on.
Cara the Caring Cow

"I'm here to teach you why it's important to say please and thank you, to be kind to others, and show love for your family and friends."

Aligator pupper wearing a costume.
Connor the Citizen Crocodile

"I'm here to teach you how cooperating with family and friends, respecting people in charge, and obeying the rules are all ways to be a good citizen."

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  • Access to 8,500 activities on ABCmouse Early Learning Academy
  • Access to six additional ABCmouse curriculum apps for offline use
  • ABC Mouse Assessment Center
  • Character Education videos & activities
  • Languabooks
  • Learning moments videos and activities
  • LELA coach for online guidance and support

* A desktop computer and USB headset are needed to operate the LELA curriculum.

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