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As a multimedia journalism major at Lynn University, you’ll study more than just traditional reporting. You’ll focus on emerging platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and learn new and creative ways to deliver the news.

In this multimedia journalism program, you’ll gain technical training in news, feature and social media reporting from professors who have worked in prominent newsrooms, including at ABC and CBS. You’ll also enhance your professional development with a local internship to help prepare you for a range of journalism jobs.

What you’ll learn as a multimedia journalism major

  • Internet media, digital layout, video editing, design and photojournalism 
  • Communication theory, investigation and reporting 
  • Ethical communications

Curriculum & requirements

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“Coming from Minnesota, a relatively homogenous area, Lynn inspired me by just giving me the chance to make friends from all over the world.”

Jessica Beugen, multimedia journalism major
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Multimedia journalism curriculum

As a multimedia journalism major, you will gain practical experience in news, investigative and feature reporting in a variety of forms. So when it’s time to graduate from the multimedia journalism program, you’ll have the skills necessary to provide content in written and visual forms for use in broadcast, print and internet-based media. 

Graduates must complete a total of 120 credits in the following categories:

  • 54 university core curriculum credits
  • 12 CIC core credits
  • 33 major credits
  • 21 free elective credits

Course preview

COM 110 Journalism I
Examine past, present and future journalistic practices, with an emphasis on professional standards, ethics and the growing role of social media.

COM 214 Journalism II
Learn how a story can fulfill its potential through a variety of media platforms, what makes a news story effective and how to recognize the best medium for delivery (the web, television, radio, newspaper, magazine or, more likely, a combination of all five). Study how to tailor story forms appropriate for a variety of media and delivery systems, including broadcast media, newspapers, the web and small (mobile) and large screens.

COM 390 Photojournalism
Study pictorial narrative and the process of capturing the critical visual experience. Concentrate on developing a photo essay through digital technology.

Multimedia journalism jobs and careers

At Lynn, you’ll gain a well-rounded education with technical training and practical experience, which will catapult your career to the next level. Your new bachelor’s degree will open the door to many exciting and impactful journalism jobs and careers, including:

  • Copywriter 
  • On camera reporter 
  • Marketing manager
  • Graphic designer 
  • Public relations specialist 
  • Multimedia journalist 
  • Investigative reporter 
  • Radio personality 
  • Social media specialist

Graduates of the journalism degree program have gone on to work for many media organizations, such as:

  • CNBA Africa 
  • Beacon Communications in Rhode Island 
  • KATV Channel 7 in Arkansas 
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