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As a healthcare management major at Lynn, you will not only gain a solid background in the health care system, but you will also get a strong foundation in business operations and regulations, policies, risk management and ethics. You will also discuss the management of health care facilities and examine the organization, structure, personnel and cultural components of the system. Plus, you will study the influences exerted by economic, political, and social forces within the larger society and the health care system’s response to these influences. 

What you'll learn as a healthcare management major

  • Health care management
  • Finance and governance 
  • Business operations and regulations

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iPad-powered learning
iPad-powered learning

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
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Students help out on the Day of Caring.

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Healthcare management curriculum

In the healthcare management program, you will gain a firm foundation in business operations and a get solid understanding of the U.S. health care system. You will also learn about health care policies and operations. 

Course preview 

HCM 101 Healthcare Organization & Management 
Study the U.S. health care system including an examination of the structure, organization, finance, governance, stakeholders, personnel and cultural components of the system. An emphasis will be placed on the influences exerted by economic, political and social forces within the larger society and the health care system’s response to these influences. 

HCM 240 Healthcare Operations
This course provides a conceptual foundation in various management specializations including basic statistics (descriptive and analytical); operations strategies; competitiveness; productivity; and an introduction to quality management. It provides a basic review of the most popular operational tools, concepts and statistics used in health/business today such as quality tools and techniques used in problem solving and decision making. Topics include: Pareto charts, cause and- effects diagrams, histograms, scatter diagrams, quality function deployment, continuous improvement, benchmarking, just-in time manufacturing and implementing total quality.

HCM 300 Population Health Management
A study of descriptive and analytic epidemiology and public health measures and their application to the analysis of chronic and infectious diseases in community/population health risk management settings. An emphasis is placed on basic health status indicators as well as public health disease transmission and risk assessment of diseases in individual and population settings. An emphasis is placed on the computation and interpretation of basic health disease transmission indicators as well as the application of health promotion and disease prevention strategies. 

Healthcare management careers 

As a healthcare management major, you will have the opportunity to take many different career paths and roles, including: 

  • Health care manager
  • Health services manager
  • Medical manager 
  • Patient services manager
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