Early childhood education class putting on a puppet show for young children.

Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science

Inspire through education

Earn your B.S. in early childhood education at Lynn University and learn the importance of early literacy development for infants and their families and young children up to third grade. While working with early learners, you’ll observe different types of early learning communities—day care centers, preschools, elementary schools and early learning centers. 

Students of this program have internship opportunities to better help define professional goals and network with key influencers in the early childhood education field. Plus, you'll learn how to implement current technologies to supplement your future approach to teaching and learning. 

What you’ll learn in the early childhood education program

  • Innovative real-world teaching strategies 
  • Skills to support students emotionally, physically and socially 
  • Child development, screenings, assessments and parental involvement strategies

Curriculum & requirements

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Career opportunities

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Estimated annual tuition

“When I was a little kid I would line up my dolls and pretend to be a teacher. I always wanted to make a difference in the world.”

Andrea Perez, early childhood education major
iPad-powered learning
iPad-powered learning

Embrace new ideas and experience technologies that make learning more dynamic than you ever imagined.


Learning doesn’t get more innovative than this. 

At Lynn University, we embrace technology by encouraging our students to engage with course content through iPads, and our professors can develop custom course materials. 

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Robert Watson takes his class on a field trip.
Beyond the classroom

Step outside the classroom and enjoy hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences.

Students help out on the Day of Caring.

Learning is more than sitting in a classroom 

Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning. 

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Early childhood education curriculum

In the early childhood education program, you will study topics in child development, literacy and classroom management, and be encouraged to recognize and appreciate the diversity of today’s children. You will also have internship opportunities, which allows you to network with influencers in the field and learn more about the profession. 

Course preview

EDU 160 Childhood Development, Health, PE & Safety
Examine the theories and concepts of human growth and development from conception through adolescence. Focus on characteristic stages, language, cognition and intelligence, physical and perceptual development, and social relationships as they relate to the influence of family structure on the child’s personality and behavior. Plus, address health and safety in elementary schools. 

EDU 215 Children’s Literature
Get an introduction into a variety of children’s books and make knowledgeable decisions in the selection and use of these children's books as a result of studying, discussing and using the six genres of children’s literature in and outside the classroom setting. Understand how to integrate literature throughout the curriculum and learn how to collect an extensive selection of children’s literature for use in the classroom. 

EDU 415 Managing the Classroom
Gain skills and competencies to improve instruction and learning through good classroom management by establishing a learning environment and instructional program that are well organized and efficient.

Graduates must complete a total of 120 credits.

Early childhood education jobs and career

This program is beneficial for students preparing to work in a variety of early education jobs, such as: 

  • Teacher (pre-school, kindergarten and first through third grade)
  • Director of an early learning center
  • Education administrator
  • Child, family and school social worker
  • Home-based service provider 

Want to teach older students? Explore the B.S. in elementary education program to teach K–6 grade.

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Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Two week adventure through Andalucía, south of Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and beyond!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Ana Siliquini in Madrid
La Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid España!
Ana María Paula Siliquini , staff member
Felicia Besan at the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
At the Aspen Music Festival with Conservatory students Kayla Williams and Niki Khabazvahed
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felicia Besan traveling with Lynn blue bear
Traveling Lynn blue bear
Felicia Besan, staff member
Felcia Besan at Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Independence Pass view (Colorado)
Felicia Besan, staff member
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab.
Faith Thomas, Xiara Del Valle, & Erina McWilliam-Lopez from the Social Impact Lab visiting a Rwandan social enterprise
Erina McWilliam-Lopez, staff member

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