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Hone the skills you have developed as an undergraduate with Lynn’s criminal justice administration program. Learn new leadership skills and enhance your career opportunities. Earn your master’s in criminal justice from Lynn University on campus or online. Study alongside criminal justice experts and work with peers and professors to discuss and debate current issues within the field. 

Through the criminal justice program at Lynn, you’ll follow current criminal cases and investigations, analyze the criminal justice system, and combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience with field-based assignments.

What you’ll learn in the criminal justice administration program

  • All aspects of public administration
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Management, administration, research methods, legal issues, finances and public policy

Curriculum & requirements

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iPad-powered learning

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Criminal justice administration curriculum

The criminal justice administration program is a combination of administration foundation courses and criminal justice specialization courses. This master’s in criminal justice degree is available on campus and online, making it convenient for students with work and family obligations.

Graduates must complete a total of 37 credits in the following categories:

  • 1 orientation
  • 15 administration foundation credits
  • 21 specialization credits
  • 3 graduate project credits (optional)

Course preview

CJA 636 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Analyze the legal, philosophical and social interests surrounding issues of freedom, liberty and the fundamental rights granted by the Constitution of the United States. Explore freedom of speech, assembly, religion and equal treatment before the law.

CJA 656 Conflict Resolution in Criminal Justice
Study the practice of conflict resolution across the different components of the criminal justice system, including coercion, negotiating and bargaining, adjudication, mediation and arbitration. Examine theory, including individual characteristics theory, social process theory, social structure theory, formal theories and human needs theory.

CJA 657 Criminal Justice and the Community
Discover relationships between criminal justice agencies and the communities they serve. Analyze various definitions and the nature of community as a concept, and relate the roles (real and perceived) of diverse agencies to each community. Review how issues of public policy, service provision and victimization are related to how people define themselves and are defined by others on the basis of community.

Criminal justice administration jobs and careers

Your new master’s degree in criminal justice will give you access to many impressive career opportunities, including:

  • Federal agent
  • Police chief
  • Detective supervisor
  • Correctional administrator
  • Court administrator
  • Criminologist

You’ll also gain valuable field experience and new professional connections to take your career to the next level.

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