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Knight-a-Thon: Going Gold

Apr. 20, 2 p.m.

About Knight-a-Thon

Knight-a-Thon is raising funds for the Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST), Inc.  Donations from Knight-a-Thon: Going Gold helps provide families with support, teach new skills, offer new perspectives and help to reinforce their natural resiliency. The dedicated pediatric oncologists and nurses provide the medical care that children need. POST provides everything else. Learn more about POST

The Lynn Leadership Institute is currently working to raise funds while volunteering and interacting with POST, Inc. patients and their families in the months leading up to this wonderful event.

What happens at Knight-a-Thon?

Knight-a-Thon: Going Gold at Lynn University is an extended fundraising effort hosted by the Lynn Leadership Institute within the Division of Student Affairs. In order to celebrate the patients and families treated through Pediatric Oncology Support Team, Inc. (POST), this event culminates into a 12-hour, nonstop dance party with students, staff and members of the local community.

Why do we dance?

The vision of POST is that no family walks their child’s cancer journey alone. We have an ultimate vision of a world without childhood cancer. Until then our vision is that every family who has a child battling cancer will have a team of caring professionals walk with them through their cancer journey, giving the emotional and financial support they need.

Getting involved

There are two major ways to get involved with Knight-a-Thon: #GoingGold. You can get involved by being a dancer or if you're unable to attend, simply raising funds!

Be a dancer

Students, faculty, staff or community members who wish to dance will register as part of their organization’s team on our registration page. Then, throughout the year, dancers are encouraged to raise as much money for the cause as they possibly can. Dancers who raise $100 by the week prior to Knight-a-Thon are eligible to receive our special giveaway at the door.

Help us fundraise

For those who are unable to fully commit to becoming a dancer, fundraising is for you! All you have to do is register and collect donations via our online fundraising platform and raise as much money as you possibly can throughout the year. Fundraisers, who raise $1,000 or more, will be a part of our highly esteemed Comma Club. Comma Club members will receive an exclusive shirt, access to a VIP section while dancing and recognition at Knight-a-Thon 2018!

If you have already signed up, please visit your account page to assist in our fundraising efforts. 

Free event.

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