WSE 365

Funder Readiness

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2018-2019 Fall, Spring Main campus No

Level: Undergraduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: None

Fundraising can be ridiculously hard and is a process wrought with questions: How much money should I raise? What type of capital? Who do I talk to and how do I ask funders? What should I do in an investor meeting? How do I get the money into our bank accounts so I can get back to building my business?

Having answers to these questions often translates into successfully closing a round of funding. But the reality is that only a handful of social entrepreneurs have a clear understanding of the process (and how long it takes) before tehy start fundraising. The ones without that understanding get lost, and without direction, are unable to take the lead and close a round of funding. TE 3 Funder readiness addresses these questions.