IRPS 380

Theories of International Relations

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2017-2018 As needed Main campus No

Level: Undergraduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: None

This course examines a wide range of theories and perspectives which offer divergent explanations for the various situations and events in the global arena. In doing so, Theories of International Relations distinguishes between theory and ideology. Each of six theoretical perspectives—Idealism, Realism, Neo-Realism, Pluralism, Globalism and Feminism—are compared and contrasted in terms of their descriptive and prescriptive elements. Core concepts such as power, sovereignty, primary actors and interdependence form the basis of this comparison. In addition, the level of analysis relied on by each theory—individuals, sub-state units, states, regions or the world—is addressed in explaining global participants and their actions. Course goals encompass skill set development including writing/editing, reading comprehension/ interpretation and critical thinking/analysis.