CG 685

Motion Capture

Academic Year Semester Location Online
2018-2019 As needed Main campus No

Level: Graduate

Credits: 3

Lab Fee: None

Pre-requisites: CGD 615

As motion capture is leaving behind all controversies and becoming an increasingly practical tool for the generation of animation, this innovative course introduces students to this unique method of creating a 3D representation of a live performance, in contrast to the more conventional animation approaches that entail ‘by hand’ creations through a process known as key-framing. The course offers students hands- on experience with software tools for working with motion-captured data such as Kaydara Filmbox. Students are guided to utilize the tool as the means to edit and blend takes from multiple capture sessions and then mix and match them with key-framed animation techniques. Students gain the capability to exercise great control of style and quality of the final animation output for images.