The table below is based on accounts paid in FULL.

Tuition, Board and the Comprehensive Support Program

Fall 2018Spring 2019
Prior to the first day of classes: 100% Aug. 24, 2018Jan. 1, 2019
Within seven days from the first day of classes: 75%Sept. 05, 2018Jan. 10, 2019
Within 14 days from the first day of classes: 50%Sept. 14, 2018Jan. 22, 2019
Within 25 days from the first day of classes: 25%Oct. 1, 2018Feb. 6, 2019

After 25 days from the first day of classes NO REFUND Oct. 2, 2018 Feb.7, 2019 J-Term: Students that withdraw from the University at any time during J-Term will be billed an additional $1,020 per credit plus room & board for the term. Spring semester classes will be dropped and not be billed onto the account.

Room Charges

Prior to Aug. 25, 2017 for Fall 2017 100 %
Prior to Jan. 2, 2018 for Spring 2018 100 %
After the above dates


There are no refunds for withdrawals after Oct. 1, 2018 , for Fall 2018 and Feb. 6 2019, for Spring 2019. The refund amount will be reduced by any financial aid that is cancelled due to the withdrawal. Refund checks will be mailed to the permanent home address on file within four to six weeks of the withdrawal date. Any remaining balance due after the refund adjustment is the obligation of the parent/student.

Calculation of Refundable Amounts for Summer Terms

Tuition and Board

Prior to the first day of classes (Dropping of classes): 100%May 10, 2019
During the first and second day of classes (Dropping of classes; last day of drop/add): 75%May 14, 2019
During the third day of classes (Course withdrawals): 50%May 15, 2019
During the fourth day of classes (Course withdrawals): 25%May 16, 2019
After the fifth day of classes (Course withdrawals): NO REFUND May 17, 2019

Room Charges

Prior to the date publicized as the first day of classes: 100%May 10, 2019
After that date: NO REFUNDMay 11, 2019