In addition to the aviation operations courses, students may take the following flight training elective courses to attain the licenses and ratings required to enter the aerospace industry as a professional pilot.

Certified flight instructor option (four hour) ** 4 credits
AVF 310 Flight Instruction Methods and Procedures 4

** If a student elects to obtain the Flight Instructor rating, AVF 310 substitutes for 482, provided the student passes the FAA written and practical exams.

*** Simulator courses are taught in the same semester as the familiarization ground school as a lab and culminate with a check-ride to ensure basic handling objectives are met. These courses have a corresponding lab fee. Students may obtain a total of 6.0 hours of academic credit from one aircraft type training (i.e., 727 ground and simulator familiarization or 737 ground and simulator familiarization only). If the student takes AVMF 477, he or she may not receive credit for any familiarization or simulator course. AVF 471, Airline Emergency Cabin Training, is separate from this, and may result in an additional three semester hours of credit.