CIP: 490102

The undergraduate aviation certificate programs offered by the Burton D. Morgan School College of Aeronautics prepare students for ground and flight examinations for various FAA flight licenses and ratings. The flight certificate programs are delivered in accordance with CFR Part 141 under Lynn University’s CFR Part 141 certificate. The simulator certificate programs are offered in accordance with CFR Part 142. All flight courses and the ATP certificate program culminate with a ground oral examination and a check ride with a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. Successfully completing the ground examination and the check ride will result in the FAA issuing the appropriate license or rating. The various certificate programs and the associated course work are as follows:

The certifciate is a total of six credits based on the following:

AVF 120 or 125

AVF 121 or 126

Commercial Pilot Rating Certificate 4 credits
AVF 230 Commercial Flight Theory 3
AVF 231 Commercial Flight Training 1
Certified Flight Instructor Certificate 4 credits
AVF 310 Flight Instruction Methods and Procedures 4
Boeing B-727 Familiarization Certificate 6 credits
AVF 472 B-727 Pilot Familiarization 3
AVF 473 B-727 Pilot Simulator Familiarization 3
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate 3 credits
Recurrent Flight Training Certificate 3 credits
AVF 120 Primary Flight Theory and Training, Solo 3