The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) is responsible for creating opportunities so that every Lynn University student has the chance to study abroad during their degree, whether the program is during January Term, the summer, for a semester or for an academic year.

Lynn University fully recognizes that our students live in a globally interconnected world, both socially and economically, and that study abroad opportunities can be an important part of the overall collegiate learning experience. There is a wide variety of programs available to Lynn University students including those led by Lynn University faculty. The CLA pre-approves all programs before they are made available to Lynn University students in terms of their academic rigor; for health, safety and security; and in terms of student life and support services.

Lynn-Approved Programs

Carefully selected by the CLA staff for their academic relevance, overall quality and service to students, Lynn-Approved Programs are available in all regions of the world including Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. These short-term, semester and year-long programs offer coursework in all majors and are available in English. Programs heavily focused on language acquisition for those trying to acquire advanced language skills are also available. Programs are open to all Lynn University students subject to individual program requirements.

Students participating on Lynn-Approved short-term programs are billed directly by Lynn University or by the study abroad provider administering the program. Program fees are an additional cost to the student and vary per program.

Students participating on Lynn-Approved semester and yearlong programs are billed directly by Lynn University and will pay applicable Lynn fees including tuition, room and board. Students receiving financial aid may apply their aid towards the cost of the program. Students must make an appointment with their Financial Aid Counselor to review their financial aid package and discuss how it will be apply.

Lynn Faculty-Led Programs

In collaboration with the Lynn faculty, the CLA staff helps to design, develop and implement short-term programs for students to enhance their learning through off-campus courses. Available during the January Term and the summer, these faculty-led programs take students beyond the classroom and provide them with firsthand experiences through travel, cultural immersion, professional interaction, field work and career development. Students participating on Lynn Faculty-Led Programs are billed directly by Lynn University. Program fees are an additional cost to the student and vary per program.