Students entering college sometimes perform at an unacceptable academic level. They either drop out or are dismissed. Some individuals with this experience re-evaluate their educational goals and desire to return to college. Their academic record, however, may present an insurmountable obstacle. Undergraduate students in this category who want the opportunity for a fresh start at the University without this handicap may apply for readmission with the request for Academic Bankruptcy.

Application for reenrollment to the University with academic bankruptcy.

A Lynn University student who has dropped out or who has been dismissed may request Academic Bankruptcy on meeting these conditions:

  1. The student must apply to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. At least six months must have elapsed since the end of the semester or term in which the student was last in attendance at Lynn University.

Conditions of approval

  1. If academic bankruptcy is approved all previous courses will remain on the transcript. However, quality points will no longer be applied to the GPA
  2. Up to 30 selected credits may be forgiven; this would include any credits already forgiven by the Change of Major Forgiveness Policy.
  3. Students who have used this policy will not be eligible for:
    1. Honor Society, President’s Honor Society, Commencement Honors or Commencement Awards. Students may still be eligible for Dean's list.

Academic Bankruptcy can be granted only once for any student.

Caution: Many colleges, universities, and other institutions, such as medical, law, or graduate schools, may not honor another institution’s academic bankruptcy policy. At Lynn, the updated GPA may not be applicable for financial aid awards or athletic eligibility.